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🎧  Are Early-Stage Companies Overspending?
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Jun 28, 2024 / Posted by Adam Callinan / 5

🎧 Are Early-Stage Companies Overspending?


In this podcast episode, John Golden from Sales POP Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM interviews Adam Callinan, founder of Pentane, a SaaS platform. They discuss the financial challenges faced by early-stage companies, emphasizing common mistakes such as overspending on payroll and office space without understanding the financials. Adam shares insights from his experience with Pentane and Bottle Keeper, highlighting the importance of controlling fixed expenses and avoiding the “growth at all costs” mentality. The conversation underscores the need for a clear grasp of key performance indicators and financial concepts to achieve and sustain profitability

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About Author

Adam Callinan is the founder at Pentane, a SaaS platform that shows early stage companies how to pull the right levers and operate profitably. Previously Adam was co-founder/CEO at BottleKeeper, a consumer brand that grew from $0 - $8M in sales in just 3 years without employees or investors, then was acquired in 2021 as an 8-figure company with just 4 employees.


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