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🎧  4 Problem Solving Styles and How to Sell to Each
Podcast Sales Pitch / PodCast / Jan 11, 2021 / Posted by Sarah Thurber / 1598

🎧 4 Problem Solving Styles and How to Sell to Each

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When finding a solution to the problem, people prefer one of these four styles – clarifying, ideating, developing, or implementing. Hence, today’s guest in Expert Insight Interview is Sarah Thurber, and she discusses how to understand and deal with each of the four problem-solving styles.

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About Author

Sarah Thurber is Managing Partner at FourSight. A speaker, author, and thought leader in the field of creativity, she works in partnership with academic researchers, creativity trainers, and designers to spearhead the development of online and print-based tools that support cognitive diversity and creative thinking.

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Highly creative people are good at seeing connections. By enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity. Supported by the latest neuroscience, this book gives you hands-on advice on how to enhance your own creativity. An inspiring combination of theory, techniques, anecdotes,…
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