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Sales Lead Management: Do You Know How It Works?
Blog / Sales Management / Oct 11, 2013 / Posted by Nikolaus Kimla / 5834 

Sales Lead Management: Do You Know How It Works?

Are you wondering how to use sales lead management for your business?

Do you know how to use sales lead management software for managing your potential customers?

Pipeliner CRM’s sales lead management module provides multiple ways to capture your leads accurately and efficiently to get sales leads flowing faster into your sales pipeline. Before I go into details, let me explain what a sales lead management actually is and how it works:

You, as a sales person, should get leads from your marketing department. If you are a small business or one-man company, you are the marketer in a one person. The aim of this article is not to tell you how to generate leads for your business but to explain what a sales lead and sales lead management is and how to manage your sales leads with CRM Software. Let me explain:

Sales Lead Management ExplainedWhat is a Sales Lead Management?

Sales Lead Management describes the overall process by which potential customers are identified, educated, engaged, qualified and passed on to sales to be converted into sales opportunities and finally into satisfied customers.

Sales lead management is one of many sales techniques packed into pipeline management. The foundation of your lead management is a sales lead:

What is a Sales Lead?

A sales lead is a contact or an account with very little information. It could be just a person who you might have met at a conference. You will need to retrieve more information regarding this lead in order to create (qualify) an opportunity in your sales pipeline. A old sales rule says:

If you have never contacted your contact, it’s a lead.

From the data point of view, your lead should contain just simple information such as name or phone number. After your first cold call with the prospect, you should be knowing if they’re a good fit and qualify it into the opportunity. Here is the step when you need to decide if the lead is ready to be qualified into the opportunity.

But what is the difference between a lead and an opportunity? See below.

What is a difference between a lead and an opportunity?

Think about the difference between a lead and an opportunity as an evolving process i.e. each lead needs to be qualified to an opportunity. The sales opportunity is the person you have already contacted, called or met him and know their needs or requirements. The opportunity is a deal that you have the possibility to close!

As you can see the lead qualification is one of the most import job in your sales process. If you want to secure control over your sales lead management, it’s essential that you choose a CRM software that benefits you with those tools. Let me show you how great companies use Pipeliner CRM for lead qualification:

How to Maximize Lead Qualification with Pipeliner CRM Software?

Pipeliner provides the sales tools to capture leads from lead generation campaigns, filter and distribute those leads effectively among sales team members and effectively speed up the lead qualification. This way you can keep a steady flow of fresh sales opportunities flowing into your sales pipeline.

Here are 4 Benefits to Use Pipeliner CRM to Manage Your Leads

  • Speed up the lead capturing – Get sales leads into the sales pipeline faster with bulk import functionality.
  • Effectively distribute leads – “Cherry pick” leads from a mutual lead pool or push leads to individual sales reps.
  • Speed up lead qualification – Set-up custom multi-step lead assessment and prioritization processes.
  • Run intuitive lead reports – monitor your efforts with easy-to-use custom Lead Reports and real-time sales performance dashboards.

Below you can watch and learn everything you need to know about sales lead management when using Pipeliner CRM Software:

[youtube: 640]

(Click here to watch “Sales Lead Management Revealed” video)

Pipeliner CRM lead management module makes lead assessment simple and straightforward. Try Pipeliner CRM Software for a Free for 30 days and develop your sales playbook intuitively.

How do you manage your sales leads? Leave your comments in the box below.

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