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What The Sales Industry Can Learn From Authors
Blog / Negotiations / Apr 20, 2019 / Posted by Kayleigh Alexandra / 5589

What The Sales Industry Can Learn From Authors

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Salespeople are masters when it comes to words and so are authors. Though the two might seem miles apart in their industries, there’s plenty that sales reps can learn from authors – from saying more with less to being able to edit their work to achieve the best end result.

Say more with less to make your pitch more powerful

Some salespeople like to wrap their customers in knots with their words, overloading them with information in order to remove any barriers to a sale. While this is a tactic that might work for many people, it often makes your pitch less powerful and less memorable. One lesson the sales industry can take from authors is that choosing your words carefully makes it easier for your customers to see the benefit of your products.

Ernest Hemingway is the most famous example of a writer who uses the fewest words possible to get his message across – indeed, he even has a tool named after him to simplify your content. Hemingway wrote functionally by getting to the point of what he was saying as simply as possible and it earned him the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and Nobel Prize in Literature. Follow Hemingway’s example and you could earn your company better sales.

Editorial services help you save face when making a sale

As a writer, the last thing you want to see is one of your literary errors make its way into print – it devalues your work and undermines your brand. Authors need to use editing, and sales reps should follow the lead of authors if they want to save face too.

As a writer, the last thing you want to see is one of your literary errors making its way into print – it devalues your work and undermines your brand. Authors need to use editing or grammar corrector, and sales reps should

You may be wondering where editing fits into a salesperson’s vocab, so I’ll tell you now. In sales, your work is your power of persuasion, and errors come when you can’t match your product to your customer. Now, like authors, you might say that it’s the sales rep’s job to know their products and more fool them if they don’t. However, authors can use editorial services, such as this example from Jericho Writers to get themselves out of trouble, and sales reps can too. How? It’s simple – use coaching from masters like Herb Cohen to become an Expert of Negotiations and learn how to edit your pitch to suit your individual customer.

Edit your thinking to always pitch a long-term sales strategy

Scan through the list of the 30 best-selling novels of all-time and what do you see? I’ll tell you – over 33% of the books on the list are part of a series. Why is that relevant to the sales industry? Because it shows that authors who think long-term by creating a literary series can make a killing when it comes to their sales numbers.

Now, it may be tricky to introduce a long-term approach to your sales strategy – you may, for instance, sell one-off products – but there is always a way. Curious how? It’s like this. If you sell a one-off item you might think that’s the end of your opportunity, but it’s not. The person you’ve sold your product to has friends, family, and colleagues, and you should include them in your pitch too. The way you do this is by leaving such a good impression that your customer recommends you to other prospects. You might not be able to create a sales series, but you can make a series of sales by thinking long-term.

In life, each and every day is a learning curve and we can take lessons from almost every industry. While sales might look incompatible with writing, taking a couple of lessons from authors might just give you that little bit extra in your work and make you the top salesperson for your region – we can all dream.

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