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Turn Your Negative Emotions into Positive Momentum!
Blog / Motivational / Jul 1, 2019 / Posted by Bob Reish / 4601

Turn Your Negative Emotions into Positive Momentum!


Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” — Dale Carnegie

Why do bad things always happen to me? How often have you said or thought these words? You are discouraged and disappointed when you think you are the only person who is going through struggles. Why does everyone else seem to be doing great? The crazy reality is that everyone else is saying the same thing you are. This is a cycle of thinking that spirals you into a belief that you are not good enough and you have no value. Turning your negative emotions into positive momentum is the key.

Each moment is a new opportunity to begin a new path. Every moment is a time you decide the success you will achieve. When you are focused on the failures and discouragements of the prior day, you will strive to continue the same path. When you use the failures and discouragements of the prior day to teach you and provide new opportunities, you will use them as stepping stones to achieve new heights.

The key is transforming stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Stumbling blocks and stepping stones appear to look the same, how you approach them is the life-changing experience. There are 4 steps in using your experiences to propel you and not trip you up.

  1. Realize that “Life Happens”. It is important to realize that “Life Happens”. When you understand that “Life Happens”, you will release the frustration that traps your thinking with disappointing expectations. When you fail to understand the reality of situations that repeat themselves, your disappointment increases. Realizing the reality of repeated situations focuses your thinking beyond the situation.
  2. Accept that “Life Happens”. When you allow your emotions to drive your thinking, you will stumble. A failure to accept that “Life Happens”, your thinking will handcuff you to the problem and forbid you to discover solutions. When you accept that “Life Happens”, you will focus on what you can control and not what is out of your control.
  3. Focus on what you can control. You can only change what you can control. You can control your ATTITUDE, SCHEDULE, and ACTIVITY. Don’t attempt to control what is out of your control. Be intentional in controlling what you can control.
  4. Transform negative emotion into positive momentum. When you focus on what you can control, you will transform negative emotions into positive momentum. Negative emotions create stumbling blocks. Positive momentum creates stepping stones.

Success is built upon our experiences. As you use the experience and failures of each day, they can be used as stumbling blocks or stepping stones. The choice to begin anew is in your mind. You can choose to dwell on the reason you are not successful and make excuses or determine to find the opportunity and create success. You may not always be able to control the circumstances around you; you can always determine how you respond to the circumstance. The choice is yours! Make today the best moment of the week.

Negative emotions create stumbling blocks. Positive momentum creates stepping stones.

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Comments (4)


Patrick Reeg commented...

Understanding how important it is to strictly focus on what you can control will quickly relieve a lot of stress. Great article with reminders on how to stay positive in busy environments.


Chinonye Genevieve Amaechi commented...

This article feels very familiar as I have believe in the ‘why me?’ situation. Knowing stumbling rocks can be your stepping stone is indeed a great take away.


Nkem Ukandu commented...

Having a positive mindset is important. Its your choice to either make a stone a stumbling block or a stepping stone, its certainly your choice. Being optimistic and positive is key.


Catherine Kaisi commented...

Interesting article and it encourage motivation by working hard to achieve on a certain goal.

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