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🎧 Change in Sales

🎧 Change in Sales

Sales expert interview, hosted by John Golden, hear how metaphor applies to sales.

Get these sales tips:
How to be mentally present as a salesperson
How to keep your clients mentally present
Changing habits to improve sales
Tips for reacting to rejections

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Change in Sales

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🎧 Importance of a Positive Mindset in Sales

🎧 Importance of a Positive Mindset in Sales

John Golden interviews Ryan Lowe who is a professional motivational keynote speaker, sales trainer, consultant & author, whose passion is to work with organizations that want to inspire and motivate their leaders and team members with principles that will help create a positive culture and mindset to achieve excellence.

John and Ryan cover the below points:

• What is the importance of a Positive Mindset in sales?

• What is the perfect advice for people who may be losing hope that they don’t achieve their closure this year?

• What are some of the things that you can do immediately to make sure you go into an engagement with the best mindset possible?

• What are the other ways that can help you keep a positive mindset with a positive attitude; especially when you are facing critical situations?

• Why it is important to look at your past record?

• How to self motivate yourself in low times?

• It is always recommended to look at your past successes and learn of them. So what difference does that make in your future commitments?

It is true that there is a temptation when things are tough and you want to go away from all of them. But at that point, you need to sit down and analyze everything to feed your mind with good insights or positive insights.

🎧  Effective Sales Communication and Sales Skills

🎧 Effective Sales Communication and Sales Skills

SalesPOP! host John Golden interviewed Catherine Molloy who is an Australian Keynote Speaker & Communication Expert, working globally and specializing in Sales, Service, and Leadership. With 25 years of experience in business, training, and facilitation, Catherine believes in creating effective engaging learning environments through powerful communication techniques.

John and Catherine podcast goes over the following:

• How to optimize communication when it comes to sales, not just in the traditional sense of face-to-face but in all the ways that challenge salespeople nowadays in virtual communication?

• What is the exact meaning of raw behavior style?

• How does a salesperson or anyone else establish a very quickly or early on type of person they are dealing with by considering the preferences that the person has for how they want to communicate with!

• What are some of the simple body language cues that you can pick up on either about yourself or about the person that you are communicating with? • Why it is necessary to match people’s communication style?

By utilizing the inherent energy of your body language, you can create a powerful first impression. By making a continuous difference in your income and impact, you can easily discover the body language tips and tricks. This will help you convey your authority and influence others.

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🎧 Sales Hacking

🎧 Sales Hacking

What if you could generate more revenue, but use fewer resources? It seems like a dream scenario, right? This dream can be a reality with sales hacking. Max Altschuler, interviewed by John Golden, explains how to increase your profits without the excessive overhead.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Sales Hacking

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🎧 Data Visualization

🎧 Data Visualization

Data visualization is essentially the story behind the data. Visualization helps show what the numbers are saying and interpret the data quickly. Data in itself can be difficult to consume on its own. Visualization is a translation of the numbers with the use of design and aesthetics; the communication of the data in a visual context for the audience. Communicate with integrity; keep data real, authentic and still consumable.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Data Visualization

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