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Top Essential Cold Emailing Strategies to Increase Leads
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Top Essential Cold Emailing Strategies to Increase Leads


Cold emailing is a business technique whereby you contact people who don’t know you or have no connection via email. The email is meant to grab the attention of new and potential clients for them to consider your offer, product, or service. This outreach technique can be very beneficial for a business since it offers a fresh perspective about a company. Due to this, cold emailing needs to be done in a manner that can get you more leads. We analyze some of the strategies you may use for the same.

 Writing the email and subject line

As you write your email, let it be brief, precise, and to the point. This is the success recipe for cold emailing. Additional information can be provided later if your lead poses interest. Begin slowly and proceed to open the conversation as you would when meeting someone for the first time.

The subject line content matters and entices many clients right up front. You need to make it impressive to catch their attention. It shouldn’t be too long and avoid multiple punctuation marks (!!!!, ????). One is enough. Avoid using all uppercase letters on the subject line as some people find this aggressive. If you must, emphasize one or two words. Don’t use words that most people will associate with spam emails such as “bargain,” “solution,” “success,” and so forth.


Having a template for cold emailing is, without a doubt, an easier option. However, the problem of having a template is that they mostly come out as quite generic and your recipient(s) may be able to tell. They will feel that your email lacks sincerity and genuine interest from its content. Ultimately, this affects how they react or respond.

Personalizing your email may seem like a lot of work since it takes more time and effort but, it always wins. You don’t have to create unique content for everyone, but you can segment the audiences, create templates for every segment, and then personalize the email’s details before sending. This will increase the conversion rate.

 Reveal what the audience will gain

This means that you need to add value. If you cannot get someone to realize the value of your product or service, chances are you won’t win them over. Promotion requires you to tell a customer what is in it for them. The same goes for cold emailing. Tell whoever you are doing it for how they will benefit by engaging with your brand. Remember, the email is not about you but about them. Let them know that credentials, service technicalities, and achievements can be detailed at a later time.

Smartly using social proof

If you can name people who have used your service or product, the higher the chances of getting more leads.  Most of the time, people believe in something that has been experimented on. This strategy can help you win over prospects.

Ending with a Call-to-Action (CTA)

If you have not been including a CTA for your cold emails, it’s time to start. A CTA encourages potential clients to act. It is usually a call to an invitation and can increase the response rate. The language, therefore, needs to be decisive and incentivizing.

Better and effective options include proposing a scheduled call, chat, or skype meeting. You can also end the email by asking relevant questions for more conversions. If you have available resources like eBooks or videos, ask if you may share them. This is a great conversation starter.

Have a follow-up email.

Your first cold email may not get a response. It may have unintentionally been brushed aside, sent to a spam folder, or outrightly ignored. There is no need to take that personally. What you need to do is wait a couple of days and then do a follow-up. There is a likelihood that you will get a response with the second or third try. The follow-up needs to be different than the first email to avoid prospecting by your audience.

Final Thoughts

The strategy you implement when sending cold emails matters. The approach can greatly affect your success or failure in gaining leads. Therefore, as you plan on sending that next cold email, use the strategies we have provided for a better outcome.

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