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The Most Revolutionary Concept in Market Analysis: Hypernomics (video)


Unlocking the Potential of Hypernomics: A Chat with Doug Howarth

As the host of Sales POP! Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Doug Howarth, the founder of HyperEconomics Inc. He is the mind behind the upcoming book “Hypernomics: Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems.” Our conversation delved into the world of hypernomics. Its application in market analysis and the game-changing impact it could have on sales success.

The Path to Hypernomics

Doug’s journey into hypernomics is a captivating story of challenges and discoveries. It all began with a simple shopping trip for a washing machine. Doug and his wife found themselves reflecting on their role in a global network that shaped the quantity and price of products. This reflection sparked the idea of plotting in four dimensions, a concept that had not been explored before.

Doug’s innovative thinking led to the development of software around this concept, giving birth to HyperEconomics, Inc. The company focuses on creating cutting-edge software for analyzing markets in four or more dimensions. This groundbreaking approach has garnered the attention of industry giants like NASA and Lockheed Martin, and Doug’s upcoming book promises to challenge conventional thinking.

Unveiling the Power of Hypernomics

Hypernomics is not just a theoretical concept; it has practical applications across various industries, excluding raw commodities. Doug shared an intriguing example of how he applied hypernomics to help a local restaurant increase its revenue. By rearranging its seating arrangements based on the demand for different table sizes, the restaurant optimized its operations and boosted its bottom line.

Doug emphasized that hypernomics allows businesses to step back and see the big picture. It helps them understand the relationship between product features, value, price, and quantity sold. He pointed out that many companies often base their pricing on competitors without considering the scientific principles behind it. This approach can lead to costly mistakes, as seen with companies like DeLorean and Microsoft, who mispriced their car and business jet, respectively.

HyperEconomics Inc.: Redefining Market Analysis

HyperEconomics Inc. offers three main services. Firstly, they provide software called Hyper, allowing users to plot in four dimensions and analyze the value and demand of products. Secondly, they offer classes to train individuals on Hyper, Anamika, and Hyperonomics in general. Lastly, they provide consulting services to various organizations, including Virgin Galactic, a local restaurant, and NASA.

Doug’s upcoming book, “Hypernomics: Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems,” is set to be released through Wiley. You can pre-order the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Wiley’s website, with availability in bookstores starting January 29th. This book promises to be a game-changer, offering readers a deeper understanding of their market, pricing strategies, and potential opportunities.

Final Reflections

Our conversation ended with the idea that using hypernomics could eliminate the need for relying on chance methods like a dartboard. Doug appreciated this notion and attributed the phrase to me. We concluded our discussion with a promise of future episodes and a mutual exchange of thanks.

I urge everyone to explore Doug’s work and book. Hypernomics has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand and analyze markets, presenting an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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Doug Howarth's life is a story of remarkable challenges and groundbreaking discoveries. From his fascination with coordinate systems to a life-saving kidney transplant, his journey led him to uncover the concept of Hypernomics—a field that explores uncharted dimensions in market analysis. Doug founded Hypernomics Inc., developing innovative software capable of analyzing markets in four or more dimensions, and grabbing the attention of industry giants like NASA and Lockheed Martin.

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