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Most Innovative Strategies for Healthcare Growth and Patient Engagement (video)


In the healthcare industry, there is a common misconception that revenue is solely generated from physically seeing patients. However, strategic planning and innovative marketing expert Jamaul Ford argues that healthcare professionals can achieve patient growth and create new revenue streams by offering ancillary services and building strong relationships with their patients.

Ford’s program, Wealth List, empowers healthcare professionals to do just that. By providing additional products and subscriptions, dentists can help patients maintain good oral health between visits. Speech and hearing therapists and primary care physicians can also use this approach to offer additional services that improve their patient’s quality of life.

In addition to offering ancillary services, Ford also emphasizes the importance of continuous care and communication. Patients often feel disconnected from their doctors and dentists because they only see them when they have a problem. Ford believes that doctors should take the time to understand their patients’ lifestyles and provide support and guidance beyond the physical appointments.

Enhancing Patient-Doctor Relationship

Technology and AI can play a role in enhancing the patient-doctor relationship by providing ongoing support and accountability. For example, AI-powered chatbots can remind patients to stay on their diet or exercise regularly. Ford also believes that technology can help patients and providers connect with each other on a more personal level.

When it comes to partnering patients with the right healthcare providers, Ford believes that it is crucial to understand their needs and preferences. His company, Jamaul Ford Marketing, has received over 10,000 leads for patients in the past two months through B2B communication. Ford and his team prioritize listening to patients and ensuring that they are partnered with providers who align with their values.

Overall, Ford’s insights into the healthcare industry are enlightening. His emphasis is on the importance of patient-doctor relationships, the role of technology, and the need for continuous care and communication. His program, Wealth List, is a testament to his commitment to these principles, aiming to increase revenue for providers and make patients feel cared for.

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Co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer of Jrumz Earwear and Director of Community Outreach at High Level Speech and Hearing Center JAMAUL FORD is a force in strategic planning and innovative marketing. His expertise spans across community outreach, health, leadership, organizational infrastructure, and strategic planning. Jamaul’s vast experience at High Level Speech and Hearing Center equipped him with a keen eye for growth, significantly benefiting clients and patients. Through innovation and strategic planning, High Level Hearing was awarded one of the top fastest-growing companies by ICIC in 2022.


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