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Common Mistakes To Avoid After A Motor Vehicle Accident
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Common Mistakes To Avoid After A Motor Vehicle Accident


You have been involved in a car accident? Sorry. Calm down. These things do happen. At least you are alive. Now the big journey lies ahead. What are the things you should do? How do you handle the situation? Well, start by seeking immediate medical attention. Inform your lawyer to protect the evidence. Haven’t found a lawyer yet? Visit this page. Request a copy of the police report. Take photographs. Well, these are some of the things you should do after a car accident.  However, it’s also important to avoid making the following mistakes.


After a car accident, there are certain things you shouldn’t do. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your case. In some cases, you might not beware of how each decision you make can affect your claim. Seeking compensation for your losses and suffering usually comes with numerous challenges. Plus, the legal system isn’t that simple to comprehend. You’ll need to work with a professional attorney who has extensive experience offering legal guidance.

Car accidents have become more frequent nowadays. Thus, it’s always imperative to be knowledgeable about the common mistakes that most people make in order to file a successful claim.

Mistakes To Avoid

The steps you take after a truck accident can significantly impact your claim. There are countless victims who get little to no compensation due to the decisions they immediately took after their accident. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when they’re involved in an automobile accident:

Not Contacting The Police

The first thing you need to do is to contact the police. Do this immediately after the accident. The police are experienced professionals who can help in obtaining important evidence and determining who’s at fault for the accident. A police report typically contains valuable information regarding the accident that can be utilized to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

Not seeking Medical Attention

Even if you don’t feel so much pain, don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment. Remember, certain injuries take longer to settle within the body. So, even though you might not experience instant pain, the symptoms might manifest later on. That’s why it’s always important to seek medical help, even when you aren’t sure if you’ve sustained severe injuries.

For you to develop a strong case, you’ll need to produce medical documents indicating the severity of your injuries, as well as, the type o treatment you received.

Admitting Fault

At no point should you admit fault. Admitting fault can drastically impact your case. Plus, the amount of compensation you’ll receive in the future can significantly decrease. After an accident, it’s always best to wait until the police arrive to gather evidence. Once they arrive at the scene, they’ll review the mishap and make an appropriate determination based on the gathered evidence.

Not Gathering Enough Evidence

Having enough evidence can significantly improve your chance of winning the case. That’s why it’s important to take pictures of the accident scene, as well as, your injuries. And if there were any eyewitnesses nearby, be sure to ask for their contact details. This will help you build a stronger case. Plus, it’ll compel the court to award you a higher settlement amount.

Not Obeying Doctor’s Instructions

Carefully observe your doctor’s instructions. If your doctor or physician devised specific guidelines for you to follow, don’t fail to comply. It can drastically impact your settlement. In case a vehicle cover insurance company discovers that you flouted your doctor’s orders, they might reduce your compensation amount.

Accepting An Award Too Quickly

Insurance companies how desperate cat accident victims are to have their cases resolved. That’s why their initial offer will always be lower. Although you may be tempted to accept the first offer because of your medical bills, that isn’t usually the best idea. Settling early could deny you the chance to obtain adequate compensation for your injuries.

Not Filing For Claims Immediately

Don’t wait too long. File your claim as soon as possible. The government has strict laws that should be followed when attempting to make a car accident claim. Most states require car accident victims to file their claim within two years of the accident. If you fail to do so within those twenty-four months, you can miss your chance of receiving any form of compensation.

Don’t Underestimate The Injuries

Don’t underestimate your injuries. You may not feel so much pain immediately after the accident but as time progresses you’ll realize that you’re really hurt. It isn’t normal to feel stiff or disoriented after an accident. While you may disregard such symptoms, they could be signaling a severe injury.

For instance, soreness could indicate that you have a soft tissue strain or sprain. And before your diagnosis, you could aggravate the injury, even more, necessitating advanced treatment for it to heal.

Confusion or disorientation following a car crash is usually assumed to be stress-related. Nonetheless, it might be a sign of a concussion. If left untreated, concussions can have adverse effects on your health. So, it’s always important to seek urgent medical help after an accident.

Underestimating your injuries is a very big mistake. In fact, it can end up destroying your life completely. Don’t try to make it look like you aren’t hurt. This can lead insurance firms to question your injury claims in the future. Plus, it can prolong your treatment, leading to pain and suffering.

Don’t ever say that you’re okay. Don’t downplay your injuries. When you’re in shock, you may not be able to notice the severity of your injuries. No matter how overwhelming the situation can be, try not to say that you’re fine.

Never Neglect Medical Care

Seek urgent medical attention. Regardless of how mild your symptoms may seek, be sure to get medical treatment. Having medical evidence at hand will go a long way in strengthening your case. Most of the injuries don’t appear to be that serious at first, particularly when you’re in shock. However, the initial pain can end up becoming worse in the future.

Spinal injuries, for instance, should receive emergency attention. If you make any movements, your injury could potentially worsen, resulting in a much worse prognosis. So, even if your injuries aren’t severe, seek medical help. Failing to do so can be dangerous for your health.

Act Quickly. Don’t Wait

Don’t wait too long to act. If you have sustained injuries in an accident, be quick to file your claim. Remember, there are deadlines on your legal rights. Every state has statute limitations that can prevent you from getting compensation for your damages. Essentially, most states require victims of accidents to file their claims within the two years of the accident. So, if you wait until the allowed time has elapsed, you might not be able to successfully file your claim.

Limit Info You Give Your Insurance Company

Don’t disclose so much information to the insurance company. Trusting the insurer can ruin your accident claim. Bear in mind that the insurance company isn’t on your side. The insurance adjuster’s job is to save the insurance firm money. And the best way they can do this is to convince you to accept less.

Insurance adjusters know how stressed and vulnerable you’re at these difficult times. They’ll convince you to trust them, but don’t fall prey to their tricks. Trusting their opinion without your own legal representation can lead to a smaller settlement. If you choose to trust them, they’ll definitely limit your payment. They’ll convince you to talk to them so that you might give an answer that can somehow compromise the validity of your case.

So, be careful not to give them the information they don’t need. Providing a recorded statement won’t help. In fact, it can only worsen things for you. If the insurance company insists that you provide more details, refer them to your personal injury lawyer.

Call the Police

One of the most important things you need to do after an accident is to contact the police. This might seem like a drastic move, particularly if you haven’t experienced life-threatening injuries. However, there are countless benefits that you’ll get for calling 911.

Never Admit Responsibility or Fault

After a car accident, you’ll have to talk to several people, including the police, your insurance company, witnesses, as well as, the other driver. Most of them will have questions. But nothing should compel you to take the blame for the accident. Resist admitting fault.

Gather Enough Evidence

After a car accident, there’ll be so much going on. And because of this, the scene might disperse before you realize it. The police will definitely want to clear the accident as soon as possible so as to restore order.

Failing to act swiftly is one of the costliest mistakes you can ever make. So, be quick to collect important evidence right away. Make sure that you gather relevant information before the accident scene gets cleared. As you wait for the police to arrive, take time to compile as much evidence as you can.

Don’t Agree To Quick Settlement

Don’t be quick to accept the first settlement offer. Of course, you may be tempted to agree to a quick offer due to the huge medical bills you need to pay. Plus, you won’t have to go to court.

But the truth is that settling your personal injury case too early is only going to benefit the insurance company. The insurer wants to spend the lowest amount possible to settle your case. It’s always their hope that you accept their first offer so that they can keep more profits. They clearly understand how distressed you’re at this moment, and because of that, they’ll try to take advantage of you.

Never Sign Any Form

Don’t sign any forms from the insurance company before consulting with your personal injury attorney. Those documents are legally binding contracts. Signing them without a proper understanding of the agreement terms could deny you your legal rights. Plus, it can limit your chances of getting maximum compensation for your injuries.  So, be sure to have an experienced attorney on your side. He or she will carefully review all documents before you sign them.

Don’t Go It Alone When It Comes To Filing For Accident Claims

Are you planning to file a personal injury claim? Well, consider hiring a professional car accident lawyer to help you out. Choosing to work alone can lead to costly mistakes. The insurance adjuster might convince you to work without a lawyer. But they only say that because working with a legal professional might negatively impact your business.

Research shows that car accident victims who hire professional attorneys get three times more in terms of compensation than those who don’t. An attorney is well-versed with insurance company tactics. Plus, they know how to negotiate a fair settlement.

No Social Media

Don’t talk about your claim on social media. It can be very risky. Sharing sensitive information about the accident can help insurers build a strong case against you. Bear in mind that insurance adjusters regularly utilize social platforms to spy on claimants. They constantly search for updates, as well as, photographs that contradict your claims. They can even twist innocent posts and photos in order to weaken your credibility.

So, be wary of sharing any details about your accident on social media. Don’t talk about how the accident happened or how you got injured. Even if what you posted is seemingly unrelated, they can still twist it against you.

The Bottom-Line

The way you handle a car accident is important. This is because it can straighten your car accident case. However, making certain mistakes can cost you. These mistakes can injure your personal injury claim. They can reduce the amount you get as compensation. Worse still, your case can be thrown out. That’s why you should avoid making the above mistakes after a car accident. Don’t take your case to social media. Don’t sign any form—especially from your insurance company. Seek immediate medical attention. Obey your doctor. Don’t Admit any responsibility.

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