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Business Card Trends to Grow Your Brand in 2022
Blog / Marketing / Mar 16, 2022 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 418

Business Card Trends to Grow Your Brand in 2022


Business cards may feel like a thing of the past, together with fax machines and phone books. However, The Balance lists reasons why business cards are here to stay in 2022 and beyond. For one, it adds legitimacy to your business — and a business card can be a promotional and networking tool where a person has all the contact information they need if they want to reach you. You can also add some authentic personal touches to your business card to leave a lasting impression.

The ability to customize them however you want, with whatever essential information you choose, is part of what makes business cards far from being scrapped. But they do need to modernize, and below are some trends you can try:

Minimalist business cards

Minimalist business cards follow the “less is more” principle. The main idea here is to pull a person’s attention to the important details, like your name and contact information, without the fancy designs and fonts. A minimalist design gives you a classic look that won’t go out of style. You might also be happy to know that going minimalist gives you much more freedom and originality to work with. For one, minimalism isn’t just about white space or two-color designs. As long as the colors correspond to your company’s brand, and you keep the shapes simple, minimalist business cards can look modern and professional — which is something clients and customers can end up associating with your business as well.

Plantable business cards

Eco-friendly is now no longer a trend — the World Economic Forum reports that sustainability is now something consumers consider essential in a business. And you’d be surprised to know that 88% of business cards get thrown away within the first week of being received. As such, plantable business cards are a small but good way to show that your business is also committed to protecting the environment. Plantable business cards are typically made from seed paper and biodegradable ink. And once you want to throw them away, you can put them in a pot to water and grow them.

Virtual business cards

The world is going digital, and having a virtual business card rather than a paper one can make your business seem tech-savvy and modern. Doorway demonstrates how digital business cards are more efficient since your contact details are saved immediately. They’re cloud-based so you can also easily update your details and download the card on any mobile device. Another great thing about virtual cards is that you don’t need an internet connection or app to make them work. They’re also another sustainable option for business cards.

Smart business cards

Another kind of business card that makes your business look tech-savvy and modern is the smart business card. One way to go about this is to have a QR code so they can simply scan it to go to your website. This is important since our “Building the Right Website for Your Business” writeup mentions that your website is like your online business card that, if created well, can immediately offer to create a deeper relationship with the site visitors. But other business cards like Dot’s present an alternative to this: Dot uses Near Field Communication that lets you direct a person to your website or any social link. You can also direct them to your dot profile that contains all your contact information.

As you can see, business cards are far from being phased out. Instead, people are pushing the boundaries of traditional business card designs and materials to continue creating something unique.

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