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5 Ways to use Social Media for Enhancing Brand Image
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5 Ways to use Social Media for Enhancing Brand Image


Social media platforms are the best way to promote a brand online. If you are struggling to improve your brand image then the following 5 tips can help with that. It can help you gain a wider reach and also help increase engagement on social media. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list but we want to help nudge you in the right direction. So, let’s take a look at these tips.

1. Finding Target Audience
You cannot sell a lot of TVs for blind people. The main demographic for television is a person who can see. What that means is that your business can thrive and the image of your brand will grow once it finds the right audience. You will get a wider reach once your audience base grows. Earlier, to be able to find the right audience for a product or service brands and businesses used ads on television channels, radio shows, hoardings, etc. That is because in those days most people were either listening to the radio or watching television. Now, most people use social media platforms. So, to be able to find the right audience for your business you need to use these platforms, statistics show the demographics on what platform people are now using. Over the years these platforms have evolved in their technologies and goals. Now, you can use various tools that these platforms provide to analyze your followers and figure out the right demographics for your travel audience. You can even buy Instagram followers to increase your Profile’s follower base and get more engagement. Instagram insights, Facebook audience insights are some of the popular tools that one can use to analyze their audiences. You can do this by analyzing the followers of your competitors or analyze the engagement on your posts. You can find out which age group, and gender are engaging the most with your posts. This means that you can target your products and advertisements to them as they will be more likely to buy your product or service. This can help a lot in optimizing your marketing strategy as well.

2. Peek Behind the scenes
To be able to use social media to promote your business and enhance the brand image you need to understand it. Social media platforms were meant for people to connect with their friends and acquaintances. It was a place where they could share photos and videos with other people and then engage with each other. That core usage of social media is still present to this day. So, if a brand is looking to get more followers or increase engagement on social media then they need to show a more human and personal side to its audiences on social media. You can do this by sharing a bit about the employees and the workers. Share their posts. Or you can give people a look at how the products are being made and who are the people involved in that process. This will give people a better idea about the company and make your brand or business more personal. A lot of brands do this. If you visit LinkedIn or Instagram then you will find many brands and businesses actively post videos and images which show the employees either telling about themselves or having a fun outing. This can help a lot in providing a positive outlook on your brand.

3. Show The Good Work That You Do
A lot of brands use a part of their revenue on various social activities to help improve the society that they are thriving in. This can be activities related to planting more trees, distributing food and clothes to the needy, organizing events for raising awareness for some diseases, etc. If your brand is also involved in such things then you can talk and post about it on social media platforms. Earlier, people weren’t that connected with the brands, and show people didn’t care that much about whether the brand is doing anything good for the community. But with the advent of the internet and social media people are constantly getting news about how a brand is conducting business and whether they are being ethical or moral about it. So, showing that your brand cares about the community and is often involved in organizing events and activities to help out the society can help improve the brand’s image and get a wider reach. You can fund animal rescue centers or have your employees volunteer to work at homeless shelters. Then you can post about it on social media. But be genuine and humble about it. No one wants to see a brand or company having a god complex. So, just try to mention that the next Saturday you are organizing a marathon to raise awareness for some diseases and if people want they can participate. This way you can connect with your followers as well.

4. Be Visually Captivating
As platforms like Instagram started coming up people started craving more visual content on social media platforms. This is why if you are using social media platforms to promote your brand then you have to post high-quality videos and images relevant to your brand. But you cannot just do it randomly. Most of your posts should follow a certain theme, a certain pattern, a certain color palette, and a certain format. This way even without looking at the name of the account people should be able to identify that the post is from your brand. Visual branding can help a lot in enhancing your brand image. So, before you start posting stuff go to the drawing board and create a plan and format. Decide on how you want people to perceive your brand. If you are a food brand what kind of effect do you want your posts to have on your followers. Do you want them to feel calm or do you want them to feel happy? This can help you decide on the tone and color of your images and videos. Similarly, if you want to upload a collage then stick to a certain format every time you post a collage. The basic idea is to ensure that people can relate your post to your brand.

5. The Brand’s Voice
A brand’s voice is something that sort of defines the brand’s attitude to its customers. We saw visual branding which brands use to visually connect with their clients. By brand’s voice, we mean how you write your sales pitch i.e. the captions below your posts or even your text-based posts. There needs to be some consistency in that as well. You can use a funny tone while promoting your services and products or you can be serious about it. A lot of brands use snarky or sarcastic tones in their posts. Also, if you want to make a comment on certain situations that are prevalent in society then you need to be quite consistent on how you craft those captions as well. It needs to be consistent. The last thing you want is people calling your brand a hypocrite. So, create a structure to follow while creating captions every time you decide to post on social media.

We hope you found some useful ways you can use to improve the image of your brand. We would also suggest that you take a look at your competitors or other brands in your niche and see how they are using their social media accounts. It can help a lot as well. We wish you all the best.

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