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4 Reasons Why Your Gaming Website Isn’t Generating any Revenue
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4 Reasons Why Your Gaming Website Isn’t Generating any Revenue


A gaming website is a great online business to run, as people will always be on the lookout for interactive entertainment. It can generate a ton of traffic organically. But you won’t automatically generate traffic just because you create a gaming website. You need to get several things right. If you have set up a gaming website, but are struggling to generate a positive ROI from it, you are making one or a handful of the below mistakes that could be the culprit.

So, compare the below list with your website to see where you went wrong, and your revenue will begin to climb up.

You created a game no one wants to play

Many people like to believe that they’ll make the next Wordle. But achieving success with a “unique” game like Wordle is easier said than done. Wordle’s creator just made the game for himself and his partner, and it exploded because everybody else ended up liking it too. It required a lot of luck! But if you don’t want to depend on luck and create a game that people will adore, you need to work on a game that people already love, like solitaire. This is why sites like Solitaire Bliss do so well. People search and already know how to play the solitaire games they make.

It might sound counterintuitive to create a game in a niche that is already very competitive, but the presence of the competition confirms that there is an audience for it, and they will be eager to play it when you launch it. You can always take some steps to put a twist on it to differentiate yourself and stand out. This twist could be to the game itself or the website they are playing on.

You have bad UX

User experience is essential for a good gaming experience. When gaming websites first came out, they didn’t pay any attention to the user experience. They just created basic websites where people could play games and overcrowded them with ads to maximize revenue. This worked back then because everyone was doing the same thing. But now, the competition has a different mindset. They create a better user experience because they want people to come back and play the games again and again. This way, they see more ads or buy their premium games in the long run.

If you, too, want to run a profitable business in the long run, you should prioritize user experience. I recommend that you don’t try to make any money in the first few months of launching. Don’t add ads to your website or sell a premium version of the game or app. Only introduce them after you have a good amount of repeat visits from loyal gamers. An even better strategy would be to keep your site completely free and get your big payday when you sell the site.

Improving user experience will improve your conversion rate and SEO rankings, as this is a factor that Google considers while ranking websites. Google wants people to find the best websites, and therefore when the user experience is better, it will reward you by moving you to the top results in the SERP. So, start with a good SEO-optimized site structure and pay attention to metrics such as time on site, bounce rate, and the number of page views.

Your site isn’t optimized for conversion

On most websites, 80% of visits are new visits. If you don’t believe me go to your Google Analytics dashboard and find out by yourself. For the top websites, this number will be lower as they focus on converting traffic. This is composed of both free and paid subscribers. They initially attempt to convert visitors into paid subscribers by promoting a paid version of the game. But if this doesn’t work, they will try to get you to sign up for a free version or a lead magnet. This is because they know that they can nurture the free leads and get repeat visits through email marketing and eventually convert it into sales. Another tactic many use to get people to revisit is retargeting ads.

If you, too, want to increase revenue, you should pay attention to optimizing your traffic for conversion. Work on strategically placing calls to action all over your website and converting the traffic.

You don’t get enough traffic

Many people underestimate the amount of traffic they need to generate revenue from ads. It’s a lot! So, if you want to make more money, I would work on tactics to drive more organic traffic through outreach, PR, social bookmarking, and SEO. I would also throw in retargeting ads from networks like GDN, Facebook, and Instagram, as they can be cheaper than search ads.

If you want to make a high revenue with lesser traffic, I would eliminate all the ads on your website and replace them with other sources of revenue, such as affiliate marketing and products. These will pay significantly higher, especially selling your own products. You might also want to promote affiliate products to people who sign up for your email list or free plan, as you can target these people via email. Email generates a higher percentage of sales.

Now increase your revenue

These are the four common reasons why most gaming websites struggle to generate revenue. See if your site is facing any of these issues and fix them. You will then see your revenue improve immediately and skyrocket over the long run.

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