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4 Amazing Marketing Automation Tips for Small Businesses
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4 Amazing Marketing Automation Tips for Small Businesses


Marketing automation has become a necessity, especially now that every business is incorporating digital systems into their operations. Adopting a marketing automation strategy not only draws you level with more established businesses in your niche but also lowers your operating costs and bottom line. Small businesses that haven’t automated aspects of their marketing efforts should make a point of catching up or risk putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Check out these tips if you don’t know where to start:

1.   Automate social media responses

Automation can be applied to several aspects of social media marketing campaigns. Some marketers use it to schedule posts, while others take it a notch higher and enable automatic replies to messages and comments. These responses are usually instantaneous and can be used to direct customers to a landing page related to a certain post or ask them to wait for a customer service rep to get back to them. A marketing agency can help you plan an effective automatic response strategy to keep users engaged.

2.   Schedule your newsletters

Unless you are personalizing your content, automating repetitive aspects of your email marketing strategy can save you a lot of time and ensure subscribers receive newsletters on predetermined days. This helps keep them reminded that they had an encounter with you and saves them the need to refresh their inboxes time and again for new content. Scheduled newsletters may also portray you as prompt and reliable, potentially evoking loyalty from your recipients.

3.   Automate lead monitoring

With the help of marketing funnels, marketers are able to monitor and check the performance of each component of their marketing campaigns. For example, when the same paid ad is placed across different social networking platforms, marketers can track the influx of leads separately and identify the best traffic source among them. They can then eliminate what’s not working and invest more in the most effective platforms.

This process is effective but incredibly tedious. Automating will free you up for data analysis and other more important tasks. With proper calibration of your customer relationship management system, you can also get data on the day-to-day performance of various landing pages, so you can make tweaks where necessary.

4.   Retargeting

Retargeting is a petty effective way to bring back customers and high-quality leads that may have gone silent, but it’s an intricate process, especially when there are too many leads to follow up on. Setting up your CRM system to send alerts when a user exceeds a set timeframe before interacting with your content can help simplify the process and ensure not a single customer or lead is left out. The software can also help detect the source of the problem and send reactivation emails to dormant users.


Digital marketing will almost always work if planned and executed properly. However, for small businesses, the execution component can be arduous due to a lack of resources and personnel. The above tips can help cancel that out and ensure you enjoy the same conveniences as larger companies and get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

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