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5 Ways to Increase Your Tech Sales
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5 Ways to Increase Your Tech Sales


The world of tech is quickly changing as market preferences evolve. Each year, a new product comes along and gets everyone’s attention, only to get sidelined by another more advanced offering from a competitor. Indeed, this is how the tech market works.

Startups that have just entered the arena are in for a real challenge as they struggle with improving their brand awareness and getting more people to buy their products in a highly competitive market. Brand building is good, but if you need to grow your tech sales, you need to do something a little more advanced.

Let’s take a look at five strategies for increasing your tech sales:

1.Join trade shows

When it comes to showcasing the very best that your tech business is capable of creating, trade shows are notable venues to do so. For sure, one of the biggest hurdles in being a newcomer to the local tech market is getting people to learn more about your brand.

Trade shows provide an excellent channel for marketing and selling your products. In this sense, you can have valuable opportunities in terms of on-site sales. You just have to ask the right questions and qualify those who urgently need your products. And since trade shows usually last a day or two, you need to be aggressive with your pitches, and hiring trade show models will definitely give a boost to your brand.

2. Use an email blast

If your website encourages people to sign up for a newsletter, it’s important to provide them with fresh information, especially anything that will get your audience to click the “Purchase Now” button. Indeed, newsletters are a great way to upsell new products. For this, you will need an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Also, make sure the content of your newsletters is engaging. If you want people to buy a tech product, enlist an expert copywriter to help craft subject lines that ensure higher click-through rates and graphics that will get people to convert.

3. Calibrate your messaging

Selling tech products is a minefield — there is risk any way you go. If you’re selling software to an audience, you might want to use less technical terms without leaving out the best benefits of your product. People today want nothing more than content that keeps them reading from beginning to end. Your message should resonate with the needs of your audience, so it is important to optimize your content every chance you get.

Indeed, creating marketing content for the tech market is tricky since not everyone has enough technical knowledge for choosing the right solutions for their needs. Your campaign should instead revolve around the benefits that your products can provide. For this, ask yourself what your tech products are capable of giving to your audience.

When you’re selling to other enterprises in the form of B2B products, you need to craft messages that highlight the organizational value these products entail. To be on the safe side, audience research is crucial in determining the right language to use in your messaging.

4. Include social proof

When selling tech products, acting like a typical salesman just won’t cut it. After all, as a local enterprise, your focus is not solely on selling. Engagement is just as important, and to do that, you need to support your brand. You can mention influencers and top-tier clients. You can also ask clients to write authentic reviews as verified buyers, and highlight your participation in important industry events.

Testimonials are a powerful tool for getting new opportunities. You only need to ask your most loyal customers to do you a solid by writing or recording a statement detailing how your products are able to help them resolve any and all issues.

To get even more qualified prospects, you can write case studies that give a proper account of the benefits your clients were able to get after purchasing your product. For sure, a lot of research goes into creating case studies that are made to attract the right customers.

Another great way you can add social proof to your campaign is to publish content on an authority site. Places like Forbes are great for publishing content that can support your marketing activities and give your audience a compelling enough reason to buy a tech product from you.

These approaches are as basic as they come, but they can be powerful enough to incite a resonating “yes” from surefire clients.

5. Double down on digital

Of course, digital marketing shouldn’t be left out of the mix. Social media and websites can help drive quality traffic, so long as you create engaging, search-engine-optimized content. For good measure, you can build an ecommerce site where people can easily shop for the solutions they want.

For sure, you will need an e-commerce website where customers can easily purchase your tech products. You just need to make sure that the website is properly optimized to prevent a high bounce rate. If your site isn’t loading fast enough, then consider making some backend adjustments such as compressing your images and limiting the number of HTTP requests your site makes.

Web design is also an important consideration. For users to end up actually buying, your website has to be navigable. In other words, make it easier for your clients to jump from one page to another. And make sure that each page has a specific call-to-action so people can keep exploring your site until they become warm enough to consider a sale.

But as you build your digital marketing strategy, it’s always important to make all your assets consumable across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Recent years have seen the rise of mobile e-commerce transactions, so it’s a smart move to build a mobile responsive e-commerce presence. Placing your CTAs in strategic areas, creating short yet engaging content, and avoiding pop-ups are all great strategies for creating a user-friendly mobile site.

While tech entrepreneurs can take the obvious route by using the strategies above, they can still try out new things. Technology will continue to evolve and companies in this highly competitive field should also consider fresh ideas for growing their sales.

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