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How to Speak a Business Owner Language (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Amy Schultz discusses how to speak in a language that is relevant to a business owner. Amy Schultz is the president of a company called LeadSeen, and a sales, marketing, and ads genius.

This Expert Insight Interview discusses:

  • How business owners think and why marketers must speak their language
  • Amy’s background in finance and how it has helped her develop as a marketer
  • Why marketers need to understand their clients’ positions on the digital landscape

Marketing Speak

Many companies hire marketing agencies or marketing professionals to cover their marketing needs because they feel like they need a professional to be able to create “marketing speak.” Amy Schultz encourages a different approach — she doesn’t focus on creating marketing content or speaking in a marketing-oriented language. Instead, she focuses on talking in a language relevant to a business owner.

From what Amy understands about how business owners think, everything needs to tie back to revenue. The goal is to grow revenue, not lose money, so you have to speak their language, breaking down “marketing speak” into a language business owners can understand. This is what she teaches other marketing professionals to help them close more business.

Business Owners’ Language

Amy started as a commercial/business banker, so she has a background in finance. While in that position, she was the trusted advisor to all of the business owners in her portfolio. They would come to her for help with insurance, marketing, ways to purchase a fleet of vehicles, etc.

She quickly realized that the biggest need that her clients had was on the marketing side of things because they didn’t understand the new digital world that had evolved for all of us. Almost all of the deals that marketers get a chance to look at can be closed by speaking a business owner’s language.

Understanding the Landscape

We are bombarded with marketing today. You can’t go anywhere without being targeted by ads through your email or social media. Because of all this noise, we tend to block out most of our received inputs. This means the only way a marketer can get through to you is by showing you something that resonates with relevance to your business.

Typical marketers try to develop services and present them to business owners. They don’t realize that they are missing the point of “why” they are recommending certain things. It is crucial to help the business owner understand their position in the digital landscape and why they need your services.

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