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You Can Love A CRM!?
Blog / All About CRM / Oct 21, 2019 / Posted by John Golden / 4739 

You Can Love A CRM!?


Over the years as you have looked at CRM systems (ostensibly built for salespeople), I am sure you had the same thought as me:

Who on earth designed this and whoever it was has never sold or run a sales team!

?Confronted by the maze of tables, convoluted navigation and sorry to say, sheer ugliness of traditional CRM it is no wonder that adoption is a problem and outright mutinies among users common. 

Many of today’s CRM newcomers still fall into the same trap of creating something that maybe looks a little better but on closer examination turns out to be just an updated rendering of the same table maze and unintuitive navigation.

?Pipeliner CRM, on the other hand, is designed by people with a long history in sales and sales management and everything we do is with the reality of the salesperson in mind. This is why we revolutionized the sales space by introducing the first, truly visual CRM. We work hard to make sure every element of the system is visualized as perfectly as possible so it instantly communicates to the user. This takes the same level of dedication to interface design that Steve Jobs adopted to propel Apple to where it is today.

With Pipeliner it is never design for the sake of it but rather every visual element has a specific purpose to communicate something of value to the salesperson in the most efficient way possible. We are visual creatures afterall and many salespeople are particularly so. The human brain, in fact, processes images 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information sent to the brain is visual, so it is not surprising that traditional CRM with it rows and columns and endless labels has struggled.

At Pipeliner we know salespeople are busy people and have no time to learn or decipher systems that are not designed with their reality in mind. This is why we use visualization across the product to make everything come alive and intelligently communicate information instantly.  Our Uniform navigation makes it easy for salespeople to quickly learn how to move around and use the system. This results in fast on-boarding and widespread adoption. Plus there are inbuilt visual support tools and guided tours to make sure help is always at hand.

One of the many things our users love is how our pipeline views are so engaging, organized and easy to use. They also love the fact that we present multiple views in most components of the system to allow them choose whatever works best for them. And because we know every sales team and salesperson has their own unique requirements we provide the ability for them to quickly customize their views and save them for ease of access later. No other system provides this kind of flexibility, just like no other system is this visual.

?Being sales professionals ourselves we are proud to have built a system that salespeople love looking at and more importantly enjoy using!

About Author

John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist. He has conducted over 350 video interviews of thought leaders for Sales POP! online sales magazine and has a podcast channel on iTunes that has over 287 audio interviews He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. He is also an Amazon best selling author of two books and In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

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Comments (15)


Ihemeje OnyeKachi commented...

After spending time on Pipeliners CRM, i can confidently state that they achieved what they set out to deliver,a truly visual ,easy to integrate and navigate user interface. Sales people like me can curate reports quickly without zooning out. Take the 14 day trial and discover for yourself.


Seth Daramola commented...

”Being sales professionals ourselves we are proud to have built a system that salespeople love looking at and more importantly enjoy using!”

That quote above is it for me. Having the genuine Sale Experts designing, building and implementing the very best CRM for focused Salepeople surely epitomizes the goal of Pipeliner CRM.

Having studied the CRM, i can confidently stakes that this is the very best CRM with a guarantees of ROI for management.


emmanuel effiong commented...

pipeliner crm is truly the better option!


Che Clovis commented...

Pipeliner CRM is a great sales tool very very interesting and easy to use.


Tony Waribo commented...

Pipeliner CRM is the most ourstanding CRM tool i’ve ever used so far


Bwalya Shula commented...

Truly giving salespeople the boost and support they always deserved. A good read.


Christian Okhimamhe commented...

One of the things I really like about Pipeliner CRM is how easy it is to customize to your own specification. You don’t have to be an IT specialist to be able to customize it.


James Mwole commented...

The magic of a CRM


David Khesabo commented...

true to the work guys. i like it


nsamwa ntobolo commented...

Pipeliner CRM is empowers precision sales management through CRM via four basic functions: lead management, account management and the war room concept. I would say without Pipeliner CRM you will be out of business. Pipeliner CRM complexity made simple!!


Carlos Omwenga commented...

Pipeliner is well crafted and specifically made for a sales person,with addition of the visual elements makes it more real and easy to learn.


Kataya Chali commented...

The best insight on CRM. This has made CRM an easy task


Johnson Adebayo commented...

With Pipeliner’s artificial intelligence feature, you can relate as you want without limits.


Mohammed Ziauddin commented...

Pipeliner CRM has amazing features which makes it a better CRM in the market.


neyuson commented...

CRM of the Salespeople, built by Salespeople for Salespeople ….Pipelined CRM

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