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Announcing New Pipeliner CRM Podcast Series: #SalesChats
Blog / All About CRM / Mar 18, 2015 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 4793

Announcing New Pipeliner CRM Podcast Series: #SalesChats

There’s a new weekly sales resource in town.

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of sales education is keeping current with skills, techniques and tactics in a changing world. It’s hard for busy sales professionals to find the right information — practical, actionable, and easily digestible — anywhere, any time. We’ve decided to shake things up.

Starting Friday, March 27 at 1:00 – 1:30 pm EST please welcome the birth of SalesChats. The goal of this new initiative: a multi-media series dedicated to bringing leading strategies, tactics and thinking on the profession of sales. We tailored the concept to match the needs of busy sales professionals, who demand concise and shareable information — and most importantly, actionable!

What is it? Sales Content, Served 3 Ways!

  1. #SalesChats is a Twitter Chat that lives under the hashtag #SalesChats. The chat convenes every Friday at 1:00 EST and is open to anyone who wishes to participate– the public beauty of Twitter!  Our Twitter handle is @SalesChats.

  2. SalesChats is a podcast. Coincident with each Friday’s Twitter Chat, there will be guests– typically leading sales experts, authors and practitioners. You’ll be able to find the episodes posted on iTunes and SoundCloud.

  3. SalesChats is a Google+ hangout, too. You can tune in there and watch the action.

  4. BONUS: Visit the website or Follow @SalesChats for upcoming (and past) episodes in all formats, as well as expanded Resources, Show Notes and Guest Bios.


About the Program

The Guests

Our guests will include experts and emerging thought leaders. We will also invite sales professionals, partners, and customers who have relevant stories and experience to share.

The Hosts

The weekly #SalesChats omnimedia production is hosted by Pipeliner CMO, Eric Quanstrom and Pipeliner CSO, John Golden. It is produced by Pipeliner Chief Listener, Rachel Miller.

#SalesChats Topics

Most guest will focus on topics around B2B sales, marketing, social selling, and sales management. Guests will address 2-3 concise questions, as episodes will be geared to busy professionals with limited time. Graphics will be posted on the Twitter account during episodes to promote educational sharing and retention, and be available following broadcast.

The Format

SalesChats is unique in its short form, no-nonsense approach. Each episode will be no longer than 30 minutes. SalesChats is designed to appeal to sales professionals — C-Suite, VP’s of Sales, Directors, Sales Managers, Account Executives and Sales Reps — and their learning styles. We’ve picked Fridays as the perfect day of the week to share ideas (and network) with like-minded individuals.

We look forward to many episodes of SalesChats! Please join us every Friday!

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