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Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel

Thomas’s last name “Zweifel” means “Doubt” in English, so he is “Doubting Thomas”—but without doubt, there would be no innovation… Thomas is the award-winning author of eight books including “Communicate or Die,” “Leadership in 100 Days” and “The Rabbi and the CEO” that have been featured on ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, Financial Times, and Fast Company. As well as writing, he partners with CEOs and C-level executives on their strategy and performance and has taught leadership as a guest professor at Columbia University and HSG for the past two decades. After serving as CEO of Swiss Consulting Group from 1997 through 2013 (and helping clients make over $9 billion in added revenue), he was lucky enough to make an exit and now works only with selected projects and clients.

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Frustrated by endless meetings or Zooms, blame games, mistrust, lack of alignment, toxic colleagues, turf wars, and/or dysfunctional teams? All of these are a result of bad communication; effective communication can resolve them. But most of us fly blind (and often crash) in our communications.…
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In a crisis that disrupts global business and forces us to manage at a distance, how can you still get results? This quick read (updated 2nd edition) shows you how to build trust remotely, read between the lines, collaborate and negotiate effectively, prevent costly culture…
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Especially in times of home office and virtual teams, how do you manage people remotely and still get results? The answer: Don't manage them (command-and-control won't last anyway) but coach them for excellence—and boost your freedom, power and peace of mind. If working with others…
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This is much more than a book: It's your day-by-day success system. Leadership in 100 Days offers you the roadmap to power and impact, even and especially in a time of crisis. Whatever goal you put your mind to (professional and personal), this easy-to-use toolkit…
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In times of crisis, alignment on a shared strategy is even more crucial, and more elusive. Frustrated by organizational silos, fragmentation or resistance to change? Tugs-of-war, with everyone pulling in different directions? Can’t seem to get real buy-in or jumpstart implementation?The award-winning Strategy-In-Action shows how…
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What if you had the secret sauce of some of the most successful people anywhere? Use this 10-part system based on the Ten Commandments to meet any challenge and win big.
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