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Scott Schober

Scott Schober is a cybersecurity and wireless tech expert. He is an author of three books, Senior Cyber (newest), Hacked Again and Cybersecurity is Everybody's Business. Scott is  CEO, a relentless scientist, engineer, and innovator at Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

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Throughout 'Cybersecurity Is Everybody's Business', Scott and Craig not only contextualize the impact of these cyberattacks on your small business and daily lives but also provide expert insight and a plan of attack for fending off future security breaches.
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'Hacked Again' details the ins and outs of a cybersecurity expert and CEO of a top wireless security tech firm, Scott Schober, as he struggles to understand the motives and mayhem behind his being hacked.
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'Senior Cyber' offers simple advice and expertise for all levels of internet experience. Practical cybersecurity advice and examples affecting seniors put Senior Cyber atop any reading list for those helping others or themselves to stay cyber safe.
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