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Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard is responsible for five multimillion-dollar business success stories, all before the age of 30. In 2014, Matthew traded in his Australian network that he spent a lifetime fostering to move to the USA. Confronted with the reality of building a new network from scratch, he set out to create a system for introverts to make networking easy, profitable, and fun.

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What makes 'The Introvert’s Edge' so powerful and practical is that it explains how introverts can feel equally comfortable and sincere in the sales world as well, without changing who they are!
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'The Introvert’s Edge to Networking' equips you with an actionable blueprint for working the room, leveraging social media, and cultivating powerful connections. On completing this book, you’ll have everything you need to transform your networking efforts forever. Soon, you’ll be running circles around the extroverts,…
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