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Gavin Scott

Impact leader, motivational speaker and podcast host, Gavin Scott, leads a life of service. A former real estate developer who lived solely for selfish means, gave it all up, to share his wisdom with others so they may live a more prosperous and fulfilling life. After discovering that mindset is everything, and simultaneously experiencing his awakening he has been able to change his vibrational state from negative to positive very quickly. It is a practice. Leadership is the most important element of this practive. The integrity behind the intention to improve, to become better, to get results others could only dream of. Gavin has suffered depression, battled with obesity and experienced financial devastation. It is not by force that Gavin chooses to educate, but by inspiration, and believes it is the actions and responsibilities, of those more conscious to help those less conscious, awaken and rise.

Working predominantly with entrepreneurs and corporate clients they often recognise a moment of profound change or awakening, where every decision they make, becomes more conscious. In turn leading to better choices and decisions, which completely changes the outcomes they once anticipated or even expected. To light up your life and live from a heart-centred vibrational state choose to work with Gavin; to live a life of abundance with financial freedom and fulfilling relationships.

I inspire individuals and collectives within organisations to greater outcomes.

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