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Gabrielle Dolan

Gabrielle Dolan is a global thought leader in storytelling and business communication. She’s worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from across Australia and the world, helping them to become better leaders and communicators using the art of business storytelling. Gabrielle is a highly sought-after international mentor and keynote speaker on these topics. She is also an author.

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This book outlines the common reasons why we use slides poorly and the impact this has on your audience. It explores the ‘dos and don’ts’ when using slides because, if you need to use them, you should make sure that you are doing so correctly.…
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In 'Hooked', communication and business storytelling experts Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu use real-world examples and proven, effective techniques to teach the skill of great business storytelling. They explain what good storytelling is, why business leaders need to learn it, how to create effective stories,…
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'Ignite: Real Leadership, Real Talk, Real Results' is an honest guide to achieving lasting business success by becoming a more authentic leader. Leaving behind the boring and mundane, this guide cuts to the chase with a frank and forthright style to provide insight that can…
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'Magnetic Stories' will walk you through how to develop and communicate your own brand stories, focusing on the five types of stories you need in business to connect and engage people with your brand.
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'Real Communication: How to Be You and Lead True' reveals how-to guide and communicate in a way that is authentic and will help business leaders truly connect and engage with their teams, customers, and coworkers.
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'Stories for Work' walks you through the science of storytelling, revealing the secrets behind great storytellers and showing you how to master the art of storytelling in business.
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With exercises and step-by-step instructions, this book will teach you how to tell stories about your personal and professional life to demonstrate your capabilities and values, and how valuable an asset you are to any team, organization, and your future employer – no matter what…
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