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Eric Bloom

Eric Bloom is the Executive Director of the IT Management and Leadership Institute. He is also a TEDx speaker, the past president of National Speakers Association New England, a Certified Public Speaker (CSP), a former nationally syndicated columnist, a contributing writer to, a technologist, and a research advisor for International Data Corporation (IDC).

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"Manager Mechanics" comes to the rescue by giving first-timers the practical knowledge and political insights they need to perform successfully in their new management role, with a particular focus on people skills and good judgment.
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"Manager Mechanics" is your first step toward cultivating a strong career in management. Improve your communication skills, employee morale, and work environment with this indispensable guide!
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"Office Influence: Get What You Want", from the Mailroom to the Boardroom contains the concepts, techniques, tips, and tricks needed to unlock your influential power, enhance your job performance, and accelerate your future career advancement.
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This book widens your perspective on productivity enhancement and outlines a strategy to assure your efforts are aligned with corporate goals, holistic in nature, systematic in implementation, and measurable.
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This book contains 34 of my almost 200 columns, specifically selected, based on the importance for senior IT executives to know these questions are being asked. These questions are then discussed from two perspectives, the importance to you, the CIO, and why it’s important to…
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"My hope is that this book will provide you with insights, tips, tricks, and advice that will help you successfully manage your career and help you reach your short term and long term career goals." -Eric Bloom
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