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Donna Serdula

Donna spent the first 10 years of her career in sales, operations, and training. She joined LinkedIn’s social network in 2005 where she promptly copied and pasted her resume and wondered what all the fuss was about. A job change in 2006 led her back to LinkedIn as she looked for tools to help her build a sales territory. It was during this time she had her LinkedIn epiphany and forged her LinkedIn 4 point methodology. By integrating LinkedIn into her sales process, she found amazing success.

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Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can impress your network and get found on LinkedIn. This easy to read and fun book walks you through building an impressive LinkedIn profile. Chock full of examples, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn…
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Learn the secrets to creating a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile! This easy to read and fun book walks you through building an amazing LinkedIn profile. Chock full of LinkedIn Summary and Headline examples, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile is your one stop…
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Give your LinkedIn profile the makeover it deserves—and get the attention you deserve. Look at your profile: you know it could be a little better. Too many LinkedIn users are just posting a basic resume and hoping for the offers to come flooding in, missing…
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It was back in 2009 that I began optimizing LinkedIn profiles. Since then, my team and I have created THOUSANDS of unique and compelling LinkedIn profiles for executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales stars, and professionals from all over the world. The one thing we have…
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Your LinkedIn Company Page is your online “business persona” and should be an essential part of your company’s Social Media strategy. Building an impressive LinkedIn Company Page involves lots of trial and error but now you don't have to spend a ton of time figuring…
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