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Cactus Raazi

Cactus Raazi is a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs who has been a successful entrepreneur in credit trading. He is the founder of Elefant Inc., a startup building smarter marketplaces through AI-powered pricing. He leads a brilliant team of engineers and marketplace experts focused on improving the pricing, transparency, and efficiency of the bond market. In more than three decades in sales, Cactus has developed an acute sense of how price affects the commercial transaction (and how we get it wrong). He has a graduate degree in business analytics from NYU. Cactus is also a partner and credit trading at Exos.

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In 'Price', Cactus Raazi invites you to shake loose of your pricing preconceptions. Whether you’re a corporate executive or a sole proprietor, you’ll see how personalized pricing can improve customer loyalty and turn episodic transactions into recurring revenue.
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