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Britt Andreatta

Dr. Britt Andreatta is the CEO and Britt Andreatta Training Solutions providing groundbreaking research and science-based solutions for today’s workplace challenges. Dr. Andreatta is an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership and learning.

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The text is designed to support students at a broad range of research universities by helping them understand research, the role it plays in the university, and the basic methodologies used in a variety of disciplines. Andreatta guides students in developing the skills necessary for…
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Discover the surprising truth about what creates and destroys peak-performing teams. “In this team-focused era, Andreatta’s new model shows how true collaboration lives at the intersection of inclusion, purpose, and trust. Her insights in Wired to Connect will give you practical strategies for creating and…
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Fully revised and expanded second edition! We are biologically wired to learn. It's the key to our survival and the path to fulfilling our potential--to become or develop into something more. Wired to Grow helps unlock the fullest expression of who we are, giving you…
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Every year failed change costs billions of dollars. We are biologically wired to resist change: it’s the key to our survival and the obstacle that often gets in the way of us fulfilling our potential. Wired to Resist provides a new understanding of our biology…
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