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Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant is a founder and director of Tirian International Consultancy, and best-selling author of the breakthrough new book The Innovation Race. He is a greatly experienced, humorous, and highly rated presenter and facilitator.

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The Innovation Race takes readers on a lively global adventure to explore the current state of innovation. Along the way best-selling authors Andrew and Gaia Grant search for clues on how to stay ahead in the race and design a more sustainable future. Asking the…
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This is a step by step guide to Identifing the Lies and False Beliefs that are Holding You Back so you can Break into Financial Freedom.
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The essential guide to building a culture of creativity and innovation throughout an organization Your help is needed to crack an unsolved crime: creative thinking is critical for future fulfillment and survival, and yet it is now declining at an alarming rate. In this original…
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