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Can a New Hosting Service Drive Revenue?
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Can a New Hosting Service Drive Revenue?


Having a strong online presence is valuable to most businesses nowadays, which is why having the perfect web design and web platform has become integral. Professional web hosting services are a thriving industry in itself. Valued at USD 78.2 billion in 2021, it’s expected to surpass USD 251.44 billion in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 21.44% for the duration of the forecast period, according to a market report from Globe Newswire.

More and more businesses are seeing hosting platforms as investments that will help them drive revenue in the long term, and they‘re making the right decision – here’s why:

Improves Your Site’s Performance

If you’re running an eCommerce company, product quality and customer service will be no match for a laggy website. Customer satisfaction is reduced by 16% from just a one-second delay, and one in four visitors would abandon a website that takes more than four seconds to load. This definitely leads to lower sales, which is why businesses like to improve speed and performance through hosting services.

Small Price for Business Growth

WordPress is open-source software that’s versatile and flexible, and it’s used by over 74 million sites that publish product content and PR every day. While WordPress is free, you’ll have to pay for web hosting – a small price for taking a step toward your website’s growth. So, who are the best-managed WordPress hosting providers? Some of the largest ones include Bluehost, GoDaddy,, HostGator, WP Engine, and Kinsta, among others.

Access to Web Design Templates

Most hosting services provide businesses access to a wide range of web design templates, which is certainly among the most important elements that can attract buyers to a website. Some providers also specialize in allowing entrepreneurs extra liberty in this aspect. and Wix, for instance, are best for web design beginners. SquareSpace is also ideal for its user-friendly interface and award-winning template designs.

Higher Results in SERPs

Most professional web hosting services provide businesses with vast control over SEO practices. But why is it important to rank high in search engines such as Google? Global Trade Mag emphasizes that SEO and digital marketing strategies such as link building, social media, content, keyword usage, and more are necessary factors that will drive up organic traffic for your website, which can subsequently drive up your overall revenue.

Added Ease and Features for Buyers

Finally, hosting services enables entrepreneurs to fine-tune their website details to create the best and most compelling user interface for potential customers. For example, after sports betting app by Unibet did a complete redo of their design, the company’s conversion rate went up by as much as 34%. You can make your goods and services sellable by using relevant plug-ins, features, and components that make your website more accessible.


If you aren’t already working with any of the biggest utilized hosting services, it’s a good sign you’re lagging behind your competitors and limiting your company’s growth. Besides increased revenue, businesses can also benefit from hosting services through branded email addresses, enhanced security, unlimited bandwidth, technical support, a high uptime, and improved data management.

One common misconception is that professional hosting can get quite expensive. While this is true for some cases, you’ll find that there are a plethora of affordable options and tier levels that are just right for your business needs. Moreover, investing in long-term operational costs will prove to be much more efficient and economical in the long run. This makes it one of the most intuitive decisions you can make as an entrepreneur.

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