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Part of the Sales Process is Knowing When to Fold

Part of the Sales Process is Knowing When to Fold

Pipeliner mobile CRM app for Android and iPhomeAre you happy in your current sales position? Are you productive? Does making your personal and company sales quotas come easy? Accepting that there always will be down times, but feeling that the positive outweighs the negative in your job? Are you not sick of sales software built on a sales process that makes you look like a square?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then DON’T read on.

Knowing when to fold your cards and move on is as much a key aspect of any well oiled sales process as it is important in your professional career in sales. I know the sales profession has a reputation for being somewhat transitory. Some salespeople change jobs frequently. My history is a bit different: I’ve tended to stay in the same place for a number of years, acknowledging the ebb and flow of this high-stress, fast-paced career. (more…)

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