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What Are the Signs of a Great Sales Manager Hire?
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What Are the Signs of a Great Sales Manager Hire?

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Every recruiter deals with the issue of hiring a sales manager, which is a tough process of candidate search, comparison, selection, interviewing and, only afterward, employing. To make this process less significant, we’ve made a guide on how to identify an expert sales manager. Bear in mind that if a potential sales manager presents the profession characteristics below, you can give one a job offer straight away!

In the pile of resumes on the desk of each HR manager it’s so easy to get confused and distracted, however, a great sales manager resume will definitely grab your attention with its profound experience in the field, relevant successful projects, and outstanding skills in the finance area. Once you spot such a resume, do not hesitate to contact the applicant to invite him/her to the interview to prove that the words in the resume are right and truthful.

Asks good questions
Due to their working expertise and experience, professional sales managers will ask you money related questions. How much does an average salesperson earn a year? What is the salary of your top sales specialist? Are there any extra advantages for A-list employees? They’ll do their best to figure out what it takes to be paid really well in your company. They`ll also be curious and willing to find out as much as possible about your organization, demonstrating their knowledge of firm`s key activities and values. Moreover, a self-confident and skillful applicant will be able to ask uncomfortable for a recruiter questions, as it shows one`s confidence, self-assurance and ability to forecast the response. Clear and straight questions are the signs of the candidate’s ability and willingness to succeed.

Outstanding candidates will be into the job you want them to do, as it`s the only case when one can be good at something. It can’t be taught, so if you see the sparkle in the eyes of your candidate when he/she talks about the completed projects and tasks, give this one a try.

Great communication skills
You`ll see it in the whole process of collaborating with an applicant. Pay attention to the way a candidate answers your questions, how they react and behave when asked about some personal issues and work related ones. Furthermore, good applicants will ask questions about the information they’ve just heard. By doing so they demonstrate their engagement and curiosity.

Good Body Language
An experienced candidate knows exactly how to control personal body movements, which influence every recruiter on a subconscious level. When an applicant seems confident, doesn’t fuss or twist hands, maintains eye contact and sits straight – these are the signs of great self-control.

Coping skills
In order to keep one’s skills up to date, a successful sales manager has to learn continually, browse the latest innovations in the field, and be familiar with A-list tools and applications. Such candidates are always ready to push and challenge themselves, as they know that the harder you work, the better worker you become. So don’t postpone asking applicants for the position of sales manager about new skills they’ve obtained during the last year, discuss the reasons and effects of the decision to try something new in their career.

Leadership skills
Indispensable attributes of a good manager and leader is one`s attitude towards the team one works in. A sales manager you`d want to hire will need to treat each worker as a part of the assessment process, to motivate the whole crew, and teach and mentor every employee. As great applicants have a strong background in the field, they’ll be ready to share their views and ideas with their colleagues.

Handle Meetings
There’ll be many meetings in the professional life of a sales manager, so the ability to run regular sales meetings and attend conferences with other departments is vital. It is the task of a recruiting person to determine whether a candidate has the talent of running the meetings.

Follow company life
It’s not only the quality of a good sales manager, the trait of following company life should possessed by every good worker. When employees follow the pace of life of the firm, it states their abilities of collaboration and finding a common language with various groups of people. It also shows their interest in the overall organization’s activity.

Give feedback
It’s a habit of a first-rate sales manager to give objective feedback and keep a perfect balance of criticism and reinforcement.

We hope that from now interviewing applicants for the job in sales department won’t seem like a nightmare for you. Keep in mind that if the candidate possesses eight to ten of these features, we recommend giving one the job.

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