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Discover the Magic of Morning Routines
Blog / Entrepreneurs / Mar 18, 2024 / Posted by Glenn Lundy / 10

Discover the Magic of Morning Routines


In an enlightening conversation with Glenn Lundy, a luminary in the automotive industry, accomplished author, engaging speaker, and the visionary founder of the 800% Elite Automotive Club, we delved into the transformative power of morning routines. Broadcasting his wisdom from Kentucky, Glenn generously shared personal insights that shed light on the profound impact establishing a morning routine can have on one’s personal and professional life.

Glenn’s journey is impressive for his remarkable automotive sector achievements and commitment to personal growth and helping others achieve their fullest potential. As a dedicated family man to eight children, Glenn’s multifaceted life experiences have fueled his passion for inspiring change in others. Through his writing, motivational speaking engagements, and especially his innovative morning show, the “800 Club,” he offers a treasure trove of knowledge aimed at unlocking human potential.

The discussion with Glenn was much more than an interview; it was a revelation on the importance of how we start our day. He candidly shared the turning points in his life that led him to appreciate the magic of morning routines. After facing significant challenges, including battles with depression and moments of despair, Glenn embarked on a journey of self-discovery and improvement. His quest led him to explore various philosophies and the habits of successful individuals across different spheres of life.

Jack of All Trades

Glenn’s got quite the resume. With over two decades in cars, he’s also a dad to eight, a book author, a motivational speaker, and runs the 800 Club morning show. He’s all about helping folks reach their best selves.

The Essential Start: Why Your Morning Sets the Day’s Tone

Glenn shared a powerful story. He faced hard days in San Diego. Those days tested him deeply. But he found a light in morning routines. He dove into books and talks about success. He saw a pattern. Every successful person had a strong start to their day.

This discovery led him to create his own morning routine. It’s simple but life-changing. Here’s how it goes:

  1. No Snooze Allowed: Start your day as soon as the alarm rings. No delays. This step teaches discipline and respect for time.
  2. Phone-Free Zone: Resist the urge to check your phone first thing. Your morning should be yours, not your inbox’s or social media’s.
  3. Gratitude Is Key: Spend a moment to think about what you’re thankful for. It could be anything—big or small. This step fills you with positive energy.
  4. Move Your Body: Exercise, stretch, or just walk. Get your blood flowing. It wakes up your body and mind.
  5. Spread Kindness: Send a positive message or thought to someone. It’s about sharing the good vibes you’ve cultivated.

Glenn’s approach turns morning routines into a foundation for success. It’s not just about doing tasks. It’s about setting your mindset right for the day ahead. Mornings matter because they’re your first chance to choose the direction of your day. Glenn’s five-step plan is a guide to start with intention, positivity, and energy.

Glenn stressed the importance of not grabbing our phones first thing. It’s a small change that can make us rethink our phone habits and encourage us to start the day focused on ourselves, not our screens.

Gratitude Before Goals

Glenn believes in the power of gratitude. While goal-setting is crucial, starting with a thankful heart makes chasing those goals feel more positive and achievable.

Inspiration from the Unlikely

He shared a touching story about a child overcoming adversity, reminding us that there’s always something to appreciate no matter the hurdles.

Tune Into The 800 Club

The 800 Club is more than motivation. It’s a mix of education, celebrity chats, and inspiration, available bright and early but also on replay for those who aren’t morning people.

Morning Tips from Glenn

Glenn suggests making gratitude and goal-setting the first steps of your day, saving the 800 Club for after you’ve set a positive tone for your day.

I’m grateful to Glenn for his wisdom, and we both thank you for tuning in. Glenn’s insights remind us of the power of starting our day right, not just for productivity but for our overall well-being.

About Author

Glenn Lundy is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences. He is a devoted husband and a proud father of eight children. He has dedicated the past 25 years of his life to the automotive industry and has built a reputation as a respected professional in the field. As an author, Glenn has written several books sharing his knowledge and expertise and helping people unlock their full potential.


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