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The Different Shades of Sales
Blog / Entrepreneurs / May 10, 2018 / Posted by Claudia Kimla-Stern / 6398

The Different Shades of Sales

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Today I want to write my personal story. I think that every sales interaction that takes place, and every sales process that leads to a successful conclusion, is always based on an individual story. It is a process between two parties, and the right interaction between them.

Sales coaches talk about having the positive attitude, empathy, determination, the right mindset, and certain techniques, just to name a few. But, in the end, there is the human interaction and the personal story, that develops during the whole sales process. I am convinced, besides a great product or service, that this is crucial

My Deep Legal—and Sales—Background

I come from a family of three generations of Austrian lawyers. My grandfather was one of the greatest lawyers of his time. Often times, even to this day, when people talk about the legal profession and its ethics, my grandfather’s name is the first to come to mind.

My grandfather was not only the perfect lawyer, he was also the perfect salesperson. Now at this point, you might be asking, “What does a lawyer have to do with a salesperson?” And at first look, the answer to the question is… nothing.

But, if you take a closer look, a lawyer must have the same attributes as a salesperson:

  • a high level of ethics, both personal and professional
  • a convincing personality
  • an empathetic demeanor
  • an outgoing personality
  • excellent good speaking and presentation skills
  • a great mindset that aims for winning
  • and a win-win attitude—because it’s only when both parties feel fairly treated, and with all opportunities given, that you have truly reached the right goal and contract

My grandfather had the great gift of “detecting” a person’s character and personality. He could do it within five minutes of the first contact.

Following in the family tradition, I also went to law school, and after that completed management training. I saw myself as a lawyer at our family law firm, where I had already been working since the age of 18. But, after finishing my studies, I realized that I wanted to explore other work experiences. I started as a project manager at a company that brought the food and non-food industries together. My goal was to work on best practices to make the whole supply chain more transparent and efficient.

Job Interview as a Sales Cycle

I had to pass several interviews for this job. I knew I had to position myself as the most desirable candidate. Looking back now, I realize that this was a “selling process” in its purest form. I was demonstrating my best features, skills, and self-confidence to convince the other party that I was a “win” for the company. To make it simple: in a job interview, you as the prospective employee are the “product” that should be “bought” for the highest possible price from the company. But you are not only the “product,” you are also the seller. You have to build trust and confidence. You have to know where the “other party” stands, what their expectation is, and what is required. And, and last but not least, you have to give a commitment.

As you can see, a job interview is certainly a sales cycle! The personal experience and the personal relationship you build influence if you win or lose.

SalesPOP!: The Best of Sales

Some time ago, I was invited join the team at Pipelinersales and SalesPOP! It was here that I got some real insights into the many challenges a salesperson faces. I saw the requirements for both sides of the seller-buyer relationship, and I learned how sales is a craft, and skillset that can be acquired by everyone.

But I learned a lot more. Throughout our lives, we are confronted with many different sales cycles, each and every day. Sales brings people together, and requires human interaction. If people don’t talk with each other and negotiate in the sales process, nothing will be achieved. Salespeople go out every day and face many challenges. Therefore, they have to develop a toolbox full of skills in order to succeed and create a win-win for both sides.

Salespeople have to be confident about themselves and their abilities. But, they also have to be confident about the product or service they are selling. They have to demonstrate that they know what is the best for their prospective customer. They have to be able to “walk in their customer’s shoes” to understand the customer’s requirements and needs and customize the process to the customer, and be good listeners, show empathy, and develop resilience. If they are facing rejection, they have to look for a plan B and come up with an alternative solution.

SalesPop! And Me

Through my own experience with pipeliner and SalesPOP!, I now understand not only my husband’s product and company better, but also his approach and the philosophy behind them: to revolutionize sales and provide salespeople with what they need to succeed.

I always saw myself as someone who wasn’t related to sales, and considered that to be a good salesperson, “you have to be born for this job.” Through my work here, I have changed my mindset. Today, I am convinced that sales is a ”craft” that can be learned by everyone, just as I did.

Sales is a profession with a lot of different possible perspectives. It requires a full set of skills and a well sorted toolbox. Every tool in this toolbox has it own set of skills. It is a craft that can be learned, and studied, and continuously updated.

We at SalesPOP! bring together the smartest minds, the best experts, and the most expertise. We look at sales from many different angles and perspectives. Be it the craft itself with all its different techniques, or the physiological aspects. Be it the neurological aspects and the habits, the entrepreneurial aspect, or even the endurance we can learn from many high-end athletes.

Sales rocks, and so does SalesPOP!

About Author

Claudia is educated in the law, as well as in management, and her career has focused on project management, finance, international event organization and management, media relations and international representation. She excels in event preparation and management as well as media relations.

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Nikolaus Kimla commented...

This is underlining the message that we always can learn a profession – if we are willing to invest and dedicate to the task!

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