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Are You Puzzled by Sales Training Results?
Blog / Sales Training / Aug 28, 2017 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 5182

Are You Puzzled by Sales Training Results?


There is a double standard when salespeople are taught how they are supposed to sell to clients versus how sales training is actually received. It’s no wonder that the sales training results are frequently disappointing at best.

We are all familiar with the comment, “one size does not fit all.” Yet, when it comes to sales training, everyone on the team across the country, and potentially the world, is expected to learn and implement the exact same sales training. Numerous problems exist when the formulaic training becomes an onboarding requirement.

Problematic Training

One reason sales training results are often dismal is that most trainers act as if they are school teachers. The student variances are never taken into account. Instructors demand attention, obedience, and are of the belief there is only one way to tackle sales. None of this is true.

The all-time worst training is the handing out of scripts. If what is said to a prospect does not sound authentic, or sounds as if it is being read, the telemarketer or prospecting salesperson will hear a slamming of the phone.

What trainers fail to take into account is the fact that every single person in the room is born with a different genetic DNA. Potentially, there are diverse cultures and genders in the classroom, too. And if that weren’t enough some people have attention deficit disorder, while others learn by experimentation, observation, listening, and exchange of conversation. Only some trainees are actually strict learners and adhere to the stereotype role. All of the above is usually downright ignored.

Personally Speaking

A couple of other inherent factors play into how the training is received. Most people are right-handed, and so left-handed people receive little if any attention. The reason this is important is that the left-handed group is inclined to be far more creative in thinking, and they use the opposite side of their brains. Now add in those with varying eye color such as blue and green. An article recently published stated that green-eyed people only represent 2% of the population. Creativity among this population is at an even higher level.

I’m a rare left-handed and green-eyed person. My intake of information is entirely different from that of most people. Had I followed sales training to the letter of the law, I would not have excelled. How do I know that?

Every single prospect with whom I met would refer to me as “A breath of fresh air.” The designation became my brand. They all continued to invite me back for more ‘fun conversations,’ as they were described.

“Being unique and authentic puts one at the top of all sales scoreboards.”

Training Improvement

Sales training serves salespeople best when it is customized for individual need. While this may be exceedingly difficult in a large auditorium, at the very least, questions are to be invited and answered with a welcoming tone. In a typical classroom setting, sales training should be tailored to the people in the room just as one would successfully sell to a client.

Sales Enablement is in vogue, today, and its meaning differs according to whom you speak. But it is obvious that training should be designed to enable sales. Reading books on associated topics will empower you with improved understanding for future success.

Three books that improved my game, and led me to writing my own books:
Top Down Selling
SPIN Selling
How to Win Friends and Influence People

One thing is clear when you encourage authenticity in sales and training and allow the freedom for individuals to perform their way; sales training will outperform anything previously experienced including accelerated power-house results. All that follows leads to the Smooth Sale!

What issues or successes have you encountered in sales training? Leave a comment and let us know!

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