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Traits of a Successful SalesPerson
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Traits of a Successful SalesPerson

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Sales is the most important and efficient operation of the business on which another operation depends. If the salesperson you hire for your business is not capable enough to bring sales then your operations might get affected.

So, how do you decide the salesperson you choose is the right fit for your company?

Here are the nine characteristics of a successful salesperson which you can’t afford to neglect:

1. Optimistic

If you remember the door to door sales marketing campaigns, you would have noticed the hard work and the patience of the salesperson who was rejected right on the door. A salesperson should never take ‘NO’ to his heart and should understand that it’s temporary. For the salesperson to be successful, it’s important that they get out of the negative situations soon and push themselves forward to overcome the challenge.

2. Passionate

Passion and sales go hand in hand. Without passion within one cannot grow their career and achieve high-end goals. The right salesperson will have the ideas, vision and work to improve his skills every single day. Since every part in sales is important whether it’s about interacting with the clients, delivering information or attending meetings, a salesperson will always take care of all these things.

3. Accountable

The right salesperson is always accountable to the tasks assigned to him. He takes his responsibilities seriously and held responsible for everything. If he commits a mistake he wouldn’t blame anyone but rather he will accept and look to improve it.

4. Resilience

Resilience is the not to forget trait of the successful salesperson. The ability to take a decision at the right moment and to bounce back when things don’t go in the favor to ensure successful results. It’s also important that the salesperson doesn’t stress in the complex situation and take a leap to tackle the situation successfully.

5. Open to Feedback

Everyone isn’t open to feedback because they are afraid of the negativity that would dispel in the air and impact their reputation. But a good salesperson will always be open to feedback and seek to learn from it. If consumers won’t give him naturally, he would stop them and ask for feedback so that he can learn from the mistakes.

6. Tech – Savvy

There are some common aspects of successful people like discipline, morning rituals, exercise and so on. But the most prominent out of them is staying ahead of the game which comes by investing time on themselves. As sales tips and techniques evolve with the time, it’s important to stay up to date with it even it’s about using the latest technology or the product.

Yes! Technology is the right tool for the salesperson. It separates them from the rest of the pack. For example, when you use technology wisely, you’ll know the latest sales trends, you can analyze your competitors and learn how to grow your reach. In addition, there are a plethora of tools that help you to stay on top of the information by gaining customer’s insights and tailoring your campaigns according to your audience demographics.

7. Works on Fostering Relationship with Consumers

A good salesperson never takes consumer as one time customers only. They market their products in a way that the one-time customer becomes the lifetime customer. For instance, if he’s asked to sell the business software, he would do it in a way that his audience fell for the product. Once he is successful, he doesn’t leave the client but rather stays connected and work to build long term relationship with them.

8. Well Prepared

Preparation is the foundation of building self-confidence in the salesperson. They perform well when they come prepared to achieve their task. They can interact well and work better on the sales pitch. They dress apart and speak with thoughts because their words have the power to influence people.

9. Effective Communication

Clear communication is the best traits of a successful salesperson. He’s proficient and knows the 7 C’s of communication – completeness, concreteness, courtesy, correctness, clarity, consideration and conciseness. Since his work depends on clear communication so you’ll never find a good salesperson with a lack of communication skills.

So, when you find the salesperson with all these traits, immediately hire them. What are the traits of the successful person that attracts you the most?

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Tunji Adeleke commented...

Salesmanship is from the heart!
If you’re passionate about performance, every other thing will fall in place. I am happy to be a salesman!
What about you?

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