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The Year’s Not Over! Still Time to Ignite Business!
Blog / For Sales Pros / Nov 28, 2017 / Posted by Caryn Kopp / 4507

The Year’s Not Over! Still Time to Ignite Business!


Before their year end reviews, executive decision makers still have time to make things happen. They not only need to complete unfinished initiatives from their lists in order to get their bonuses and obtain great scores, but may also be seeking promotions and therefore showcasing themselves to management. Many decision makers must also use up their yearly budgets before they lose them. This means one thing to salespeople and business leaders: opportunity! Here are some methods we’ve found successful in capturing opportunities while, at the same time, assisting corporate decision makers in reaching their goals.

  • Have their backs. Improve your clients’ job security by putting in a good word with their bosses or top brass. Communicate the excellent results they’ve achieved while working with you. Your position as their vendor is more secure when your key contacts’ job security is improved, and they’re sure to appreciate you “talking them up” to their management.
  • Help clients use it so they don’t lose it. Suggest that your customers, using unspent dollars from this year’s budget, fund a first-quarter pilot program or initiative. It’s a great gateway to larger projects while, at the same time, an assist to decision makers in protecting next year’s budget. In fact, proposing such ideas to inactive customers could very well reignite relationships.
  • Now is the perfect time. Have any of your prospects said “yes” to your competitor instead of you? How sure are you that they still feel they’ve made a good decision? For many decision makers, December can be a time of reflection on the outcome of the choices they made throughout the year. One seller recently told me she wasn’t chosen for a big RFP (request for proposal). She had worked very hard to create a great relationship with the prospect and, in the end, the prospect’s boss gave the nod to the competitor. Although disappointed, the seller was not deterred. She checked in with her prospect monthly to see if there was anything she could do to help and to see how satisfied the decision maker was with the selected vendor. Six months into the contract, the vendor chosen was not delivering according to promised service levels. The decision maker didn’t think it would improve. The seller saw the opportunity and offered to take the project over. The prospect not only agreed but also was thankful to have the project get back on track! That resulted in a six-figure sale. Moral of the story: these sales can still be yours…but only if you stay in touch!

Further, situations change and projects previously on hold can come off hold. Reach out now so you are sure to be top of mind and collect when the money is on the table!

I’ve heard many people saying the year is over and it’s time to think about next year. While those people coast through December YOU have the opportunity to finish the year strong!

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Caryn Kopp is the Chief Door Opener® at Kopp Consulting whose Door Opener® Service has helped thousands secure business meetings with high level decision makers. Caryn is a best-selling author, nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in Business Development.

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