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The Most Exciting Job in the World
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The Most Exciting Job in the World


Selling is the most exciting job in the world. With the right product, it gives you unlimited income potential, freedom and a clear means to take control of your career and life.

Often, people simply don’t trust salespeople. Part of that has to do with their past experience with dubious and dishonest salespeople. Part of it has to do with media images of salespeople or products that failed to deliver the promised value.

Truth is, we sometimes lose sales- not because of what we’ve done, but because of what the people before us have done.

For you to excel as a salesperson, there are three critical points you must bear in mind

First and foremost, you must remember that your prospects are more value-conscious and information-conscious now than in the past. You must bring to your first meeting with the prospect of recognizable expertise in your business area. You must also demonstrate to the prospect that your organization brings a piece of unique and impressive knowledge and skill base to its business relationship.

Secondly, you must take an aggressive presentation stance that does not necessarily focus on the prospects own perceived “needs”. You don’t have to focus so much on “needs”. The key to selling in today’s fast-paced environment is to ask people what they do, how they do it, when and where they do it, why they do it that way, and how you can help them do it better. To be a successful salesperson, you have to be attuned to the “do” than to the “need”.

Finally, you must be willing to think ahead as a salesperson. You have to consistently look for the next step in the sales process. That means anticipating common objections and how to handle them. And to avoid unproductive exchanges with prospects. It is important that you are dealing with the right person, a decision-maker or an influencer who could facilitate the deal closure. You must be open to change strategies or approaches that aren’t working now, even if they worked in the past. Thinking ahead is all about taking initiative in your sales.

Having the right sales tool and the need to adapt to change in today’s competitive selling environment cannot be overemphasized.

Written by Nkem Ukandu

A Pipeliner Salespreneur in Nigeria

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These are Sales POP! guest blog posts that we thought might be interesting and insightful for our readers. Please email with any questions.

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Adeniran Adebayo Babs commented...

Thanks for sharing


Akomolafe Bunmi commented...

This is so great and it is the best sales crm so far


Chigozie Okeke Darlington commented...

Wonderful Read


Sena Fikadu commented...

off course understanding what a customer needs is a must, thanks


Atse Alem Alem commented...

Really interesting!

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