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The Importance of Blogging
Blog / For Sales Pros / Jul 2, 2017 / Posted by Ali Mirza / 6376

The Importance of Blogging


Blogging is a great tool to connect and share information with the world. Never has it been easier to share your expertise in such a direct and concise way. Writing a blog is a perfect platform to strengthen the connection between you as a professional and your audience, customers, and colleagues. Besides the obvious benefits for a business such as driving traffic to your website and SEO, there are many reasons why blogging is essential to any professional and business. Let’s discuss some:

1) Connecting with your Audience & Customer Base

Blogging provides a great way to connect with your audience and help them to get to know you and what you are about as a professional. This helps to build trust, as you become a source of expertise in your field. Consumers like to be informed, and appreciate any knowledge that can be shared with them in a quick and time effective manner. Blogging is also a good platform to receive feedback and engage in discourse with your customers and audience, helping both you and your audience grow.

2) Establishing Authority in your Niche

The best blogs share expertise that is concise and extremely informative. If you have an expert opinion, a blog is a great way to expose your views to the world. When you consistently create content that’s helpful for your audience, it establishes you as an authority in your field.

Once you are seen as an authority clients will come to you for all their needs related to your niche. You will be adding value to their life and building trust between you and your audience.

3) Reaching new customers

Writing blogs is a great way to reach new customers. Potential customers will stumble upon your blog and get an insight into what you and your business is about, and the value you can provide. A blog can be easily shared on social media, quickly exposing your knowledge to the world. Having a link back to your website is an obvious way to get new customers to link back to you potentially opening you up to a new relationship with them.

Overall blogging is a great tool for any professional or business owner. Be it reading or actually writing a blog, it’s a great tool to evolve as a professional and grow your business.

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About Author

Ali is the founder and president of Rose Garden Consulting, a contemporary sales process firm, Co-Founder of WMC, a beta stage SaaS platform, Advisor at Bax, Mentor at ATDC, Host of For The Close Podcast and an Adjunct Professor at General Assembly. Ali is a renowned speaker and an author, his first co-author book with Aaron Ross: Predictable Closing.


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