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The 5 Most Viewed #SalesChats Episodes You Can’t Miss
Blog / For Sales Pros / Apr 2, 2018 / Posted by Martha Neumeister / 4309

The 5 Most Viewed #SalesChats Episodes You Can’t Miss


Pipeliner CRM conducts a regular Twitter chat on sales issues. This fast-paced (no more than 30 minutes) multimedia series provides leading strategies, tactics and thinking for sales professionals worldwide. It connects you to an entire community of sales experts, and is a great forum to learn more about sales and to establish yourself as sales expert.

Our #SalesChats show is hosted by Pipeliner´s CSO John Golden and by Pipeliner´s Social Media Strategist Martha Neumeister, It is available as a Twitter chat, Google+ Hangout, and Podcast.

Never participated in #SalesChats? No worries! To start you off, here are the the most viewed shows, ones that you really must see.

#SalesChats E18: Sales Prospecting with Dan McDade

Sales prospecting is something that a majority of salespeople seem to hate, and is a part of sales that has a high degree of failure. Dan McDade is the founder of lead generation company PointClear, as well as being a sales expert and noted author. Dan tells us that while prospecting isn’t rocket science, it does have a lot of moving parts that must be understood.

#SalesChats E26: Creating High-Impact Sales Presentations with Julie Hansen

Today, it can be hard work to even get the opportunity to make a sales presentation. When you actually get to that point, you need to bring your best game—every time. That presentation needs to be killer. Julie Hansen is a bestselling author, sales presentation expert, and sales trainer and she tells us what it really takes to create high-impact sales presentations.

#SalesChats E19: How to Create Deeper Customer Relationships with Jermaine Edwards

Right at the center of any successful sales cycle is the customer relationship—and it is upon this element that Jermaine Edwards places the most stress. Jermaine a sought-after Key account Growth Author, coach, speaker and strategist, and points out that the customer relationship should be part and parcel of the customer experience from beginning to end. In fact, excellent customer relationship tactics can trim off as much as 50% from the sales cycle.

#SalesChats E17: The Entrepreneurial Sales Manager with Andy Gole

Sales management can be a high-turnover position. Why is this, and how is it solved? As champion sales veteran, entrepreneur and leading sales consultant Andy Gole explains, there are 4 basic levels of sales management. The top level is that of entrepreneurial sales manager—as Andy describes, the “master of change.” He or she can help change the sales force and help change what they do in the field.

#SalesChats E16 w/ Joel Capparella – Customer Advocacy

As leading marketing consultant and author Joel Capperella explains, customer advocacy is not, as it would first appear, something designed to serve the seller. To work well, it must actually be customer-centric and customer-focused. Salespeople that really inspire customer advocacy are those that go well out of their way to ensure that the customer is served above and beyond the simple provision of a product or service.

Twitter is a valuable tool for salespeople. If you use this platform with a specific strategy, you are able to build relationships, extend your pipeline and to show your expertise as thought leader in a given niche. Additionally, it will greatly help you to accelerate prospecting. In order to show a lot of people your presence in Twitter – participate in Twitter chats!

P.S.: If you think you would make a great guest for #SalesChats, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Martha is social media strategist, responsible for all social media platforms of Pipeliner CRM. She is a communication expert with social media affinity, which she has been focusing on throughout her professional career. She has a bachelor´s degree in Entrepreneurship & Management and a master´s degree in Online Marketing which supports her in her career as Social Media Strategist.


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