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Synergizing HR and Sales for Better Sales
Blog / For Sales Pros / Aug 12, 2016 / Posted by Nate Vickery / 12934

Synergizing HR and Sales for Better Sales

The sales department and the HR are very different – sales are mostly results driven and numbers-orientated while HR is more focused on individual employees that make everything happen. Therefore, finding common ground is sometimes rather difficult, but a strong relationship between the two is essential to business success. The different natures have always been a source of potential conflict. At one time, most human resource departments found it difficult to measure their ROI, and thus, found themselves struggling to establish communication with the chief financial officer. Finance leaders have usually viewed HR as the defenders of the employees, blocking personal decisions that could lead to poor morale and even lawsuits, even though those decisions may be good for that company.

Working Towards the Same Goal

When you consider these differences, the relationship between the two appears to be in conflict; however, you have to realize that both departments have the same goal in mind – keep the company safe and make it more successful. When HR and sales are able to come and work together, their synergy can only lead to positive business results. CFOs and CHROs seem to think that way – in a 2014 Ernest & Young Global Limited survey, 80% of respondents said that their relationship has become more collaborative in the past three years. The respondents also agreed that a strong relationship between the two leads, not only to improvements in employee engagement and productivity but also leads to higher corporate earnings. However, in order to establish a positive working relationship, HR and sales teams have to create a positive working environment and have an appreciation for the work of each other’s department.

Group Effort for Hiring

You don’t need much experience to realize that hiring competent people is not an easy job – especially if you are working for a smaller company. According to the NFIB’s recent findings, more than 45% of SMBs have trouble finding qualified applicants for open positions. Therefore, when it comes to a new salesperson, the HR department has to know specific parameters for each role that needs to be filled. Human resources people will not be able to identify these parameters until they are explained to them by workers in sales. What’s more, the correspondence has to occur on a regular basis, help to identify the gaps that can exist. The bottom line is this – the HR has to be fully educated about the needs of the sales department and their ideal candidates for a salesperson position. Only through mutual support and the help of employee management software companies will be able to hire the most capable employees and manage them properly.

What Can the Sales Department Learn From HR?

In most companies, the chief financial officers and other members of the financial teams do not have many fans among the workforce.  In yet another EYGL survey of 669 senior professional finance professionals, 75% of respondents said that they do not know a CFO they admire. These numbers are reasonable, considering that CFOs often have to make tough decisions that have a negative impact on employee morale. However, by working closely with the HR team, CFOs are forced to look beyond short-term numbers and have to begin incorporating the human element of business into their strategic plans. Furthermore, not all success can be easily qualified; in fact, it can be quite difficult to determine how a program designed to improve worker morale will affect the bottom line in the end. Chief Officers are now able to see the positive impact of investing in human capital in a way that is not immediately measurable.

Long-Term Business Success

A successful collaboration between CFOs and CHROs can be achieved only when members of both teams take the time to get familiar and see what they could learn from each other. Finance leaders have to learn about the human side of things and human resources leaders have to learn how their decisions influence the goals and the success of the business. Only those departments that develop a strong partnership can drive a business to success.

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