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Specific Goals and Monitoring the Numbers Reveal Your Power
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Specific Goals and Monitoring the Numbers Reveal Your Power


Numbers are abundant in varying ways, and monitoring them to adjust for business and career is vital. Most have a keen desire to increase their followings. Our article explores some of the elements necessary for growing the numbers to increase authority, referrals, and business growth.

Whichever type of business or career we want to pursue or the associated endeavors, we must realize the concept’s weight; the power is in the numbers for growth. But sadly, this perennial thought often omits integrity.

Early in my sales career, I was advised to make an exponential number of cold calls daily. However, one vital element for effective selling was omitted: understanding the ‘why’ behind each prospect’s willingness to engage. It proved to be even more important than the numbers.

A positive mindset plus the willingness to learn from everyone and every experience also contribute to sales success. Changing habits led to more doors opening, starkly contrasting the continuous ‘no’ replies my colleagues received.

Lesson: The power of personal connection and understanding generates interest with business to follow soon after. Over time, clients begin selling on our behalf by telling those they know about our unique service and reliability. Connecting personally to build unique relationships is a lesson that continues to guide me in my business journey.

The Unspoken: Establishing professional relationships with individuals who uphold integrity in challenging situations can surpass the numbers game. This approach fosters trust and enhances our visibility, leading to increased growth. The irony is that prioritizing integrity can amplify our power to achieve our goals.

Companies and Entrepreneurs

On another level, it is critical to monitor their expenditures versus income to realize the successful streams via the numbers for growth.

The Game Changer: Proving the Point

One of our familiar themes is collaborating with those who complement our work. A colleague introduced me to postings that may be helpful for my audience. Uncertainty hit as I was already posting a fair amount, but one more idea came to me to give it a try. The results were remarkable:

  • A never-before-seen number of views began recording.
  • Platform suggestions arrived, noting where else to post the same information.
  • Sharing the good work of others proves the point that Power is in the Numbers for Growth When Properly Done.

 Facing Doubt

When doubt hits about a new suggestion, it’s wise to weigh the pros and cons. But still no answer; the next step is to do a sampling test; should it work well, continue; otherwise, discard and attempt another. Otherwise, we never know and may miss out on something desirable.


No matter the endeavor, leaving one’s ego behind is vital for a more accurate examination of current possibilities. A common phrase is, ‘The numbers don’t add up.’ Therefore, testing and monitoring your results is vital to knowing whether the effort is fruitless, needs revision, or brings more possibilities than previously thought possible.

The Numbers Reveal Much

Statistics reveal what is genuine versus made-up stories. Like dissecting the news or the stock market, ‘just the facts,’ as Columbo, the detective, would state, lend credibility and a larger following than most believe possible. Follow the numbers to realize a better path and outcome for business growth.

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Sales Tips: Power is in the Numbers for Growth

  1. Know the needs and desires of your audience, including your next new employer, in detail. Be Inspired and Inspiring!
  2. Give due thought to new ideas by weighing the pros and cons.
  3. Research news on your industry and discuss it with trusted peers.
  4. Commit to testing one new idea per month or quarterly and monitor the results carefully.
  5. Consider a side collaborative effort with a peer you admire.
  6. Incorporate new ideas into your efforts to witness the results they may bring.
  7. Monitor the decrease or increase in monetary income due to each new activity you implement.
  8. Upon realizing an effective new effort, seek to maximize the benefits with integrity.
  9. Create a collaborative network to increase the new ideas for business and income generation.
  10. Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!
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