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Selling Requires Experimentation to Find  the Best Approach for You
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Selling Requires Experimentation to Find the Best Approach for You


The underlying theme of a career search or job is showing you enjoy your work and encouraging others to see the positive. Spontaneity demonstrates that we are listening fully, and that interest lies ahead for taking thought to the next level for the benefit of all. Moreover, it makes our encounters more joyful. There were days I couldn’t believe I was earning commission for having fun-filled conversations with my clientele. The joy I found in being with clientele was almost unanimously unheard of.

Unique Sales Calls

1. Portray Your Unique Personality
Instead of asking routine questions, inquire whether a person enjoys their work and how they decided to enter their field. It may give you further ideas should you be seeking other work.

Examine your conversational style. Is it professionally personal, with an equal exchange to get to know one another, or do you monopolize them? Allow time for questions about the other person’s experiences. You may enjoy laughing out loud together. Laughter can create a tighter bond between you and your prospective clientele.

2. Food is Always Welcome
Hearing a response of, ‘I don’t have time,’ ask, ‘How about I bring in coffee with a treat to save you enough time for an introductory conversation?’ The answer of ‘no’ becomes non-existent. Similarly, after a sale, offer lunch to enjoy a relaxing conversation and build a bond.

Rarely is something 100%, but I cannot remember when my offer was ever turned down. The gesture develops a two-way appreciation and long-term business.

3. Humor Assists Both Sides of the Table
Most people are taken by surprise upon hearing a funny or unusual remark. Setting oneself apart from traditional sales methods will generally contribute to selling better than most. Sharing laughter is the all-time best sales technique for gaining what you desire and selling to another.

Use Spontaneity to Grow Networks

There is always pressure on sales representatives in companies to drum up more business. And if a representative does not accomplish doing so each month, additional pressure is put on them to increase their stress levels further or risk their jobs. Being in a management capacity requires consideration of how you train, reward, and promote the representatives in your charge. Otherwise, you may also face the forever costly need to hire, train, and re-hire all over again.

Most people first notice the demeanor of the other person or people in front of them. Upon seeing someone glance at the ceiling, they recognize the conversation is not authentic but merely memorization. Worse, the prospect realizes that you aren’t listening and will soon bow out of the conversation.

The better approach is using a smile, being seen as seemingly energetic, and your curiosity is seen via the questions you ask. Your spontaneous side will catch the attention of most. The same applies to social events, networking opportunities, and business development.

Always strive to be original in your approach and move forward with future business. Spontaneity wins more sales than any traditional sales technique.

Project Spontaneity

Your mirror is your best friend. Before any engagement, check your smile in the mirror before you leave the premises or attend a Zoom meeting. Ensure you feel and sound energetic, along with the desire to learn from the people you meet to grow networks and business potential. Spontaneity will enable the growth of your networks and future sales.

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Sales Tips:Selling Requires Experimentation

  1. Instead of focusing on the need to recall questions, focus on the people in front of you to grow networks.
  2. A relaxed nature with the desire to learn about the people you meet wins over more attention every time.
  3. Sharing coffee and a snack relaxes the conversation and encourages a more engaging one with more than specific facts to share.
  4. An additional goodwill gesture is to send an e-card thanking people for their time spent with you, which is always well-received.
  5. When people come to mind on a holiday, send an e-card to wish them well.
  6. Goodwill gestures go a long way to promoting you and your work, plus confirm trust in you.
  7. Upon meeting with an introduction from another, send a positive note of thanks afterward.
  8. Ask others what they are working on and aspire to achieve to connect on a deeper level.
  9. Before ending a meeting of any type, ask if there are remaining questions or whether you may be of assistance now or down the road.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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