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Sales Insights from Sales Leaders
Blog / For Sales Pros / Sep 9, 2018 / Posted by Tony Hughes / 3632

Sales Insights from Sales Leaders


Learn Top Sales Insights From Actual Expert Sales Leaders

Sales insights are important to keep up with. The sales world has undergone many changes, in the last decade especially. The changes are varied, ranging from new tools to make life easier, to large shifts in interactions and intentions with clients. If these advances aren’t understood and put to good use, then salespeople run the risk of getting stuck behind their competition, working harder than they have to, and not achieving as much success. Much of these sales insights are distributed to the sales reps through the sales managers or other sales leaders. It is their job to ensure that the salespeople learn to adapt and succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of sales.

Relationships in the Sales World:

One of the most notable differences is that it’s much more about the relationship between customer and salesperson, and adding value to the customer’s life through that relationship. The “always be closing” motto isn’t really applicable these days, and there’s less of a push for this method of selling. Instead, selling is done by taking a buyer through an entire journey, ensuring that their needs are met each step of the way. A salesperson’s goal is to understand the buyer and the problems that the buyer is having, and then find a way to solve that problem using their solution or product. Sales leaders have the important job of coaching their sales team

Buyer’s Access to Information:

One of the biggest changes to the sales world is the amount of information that is available to consumers. Historically, salespeople were the keepers of information, and clients relied on their salesperson to help them understand the product. Plus, clients only learned limited amounts of information about the sellers. But today, there is almost too much information. Buyers usually go to a salesperson having already read product information and reviews, as well as the seller’s professional (and sometimes personal) social media websites. This means that the salespeople have to step up their game to ensure that they develop a thoughtful and intentional selling persona and that they deeply understand the many aspects of their product or service.

New Opportunities:

With new advances in the sales field comes new opportunities to sell better. One of the biggest things that has changed the way the business world operates is technology. Technology has been instrumental in changing the way that salespeople organize their information, make contact with leads, engage with customers, track the pipeline and sales process, and automate daily tasks. But, the real benefit of technology is that it can free up the salesperson’s time to do work that only they can do, like engaging with clients in a personal way, adding value to the customer’s live, guiding them through the sales process, and providing a human touch to selling. It also frees up time for new opportunities that might make selling more enjoyable or profitable.

Bringing Value:

One of the most important parts of being successful in sales is bringing value to your customer. A customer-focused, value-driven outlook when selling is different than how things were a decade ago. As a leader or sales manager, it’s important to help your sales team understand the importance of value, and how to provide it for clients. This begins with helping the sales reps focus on what they bring to the table, more than just the product or service, and the things other than the revenue that they will gain from the sale. Being a salesperson is about helping struggling people, organizations, and businesses, by providing a helpful product or service. There’s purpose in that! It’s more than just trying to close a deal, it’s about the value that salespeople can bring to their clients.

Information for this article was sourced from this expert sales leader interview.

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