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The Raybec Sales Effectiveness Scorecard
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The Raybec Sales Effectiveness Scorecard


Sales strategist Robert Beckerman has designed a tool to help you build stronger relationships with prospects and clients.

Are Your Sales Methods Effective?

Are you ready to ask yourself some really important and possibly difficult questions? The answers to these 10 questions will help sales professionals focus on core issues that may be holding them back. What they learn may help them adjust their strategies and see a measurable boost in their success rate.

This is the start of an adventure that leads to a stronger foundation of relationship building with your prospects and clients. Relationships build trust and stimulate more insightful discussion. The direct result is more revenue, higher retention, and more profitable outcomes.

  • Invest 120 seconds and put yourself to the test.
  • See how your responses compare to other stakeholders in your company.
  • Compare your results with like-minded executives faced with similar challenges.

A Word About Sustainable Value

The more a sales force is able to isolate sustainable value for each sale, the more likely the deals will close. It’s a powerful factor in sales force effectiveness. Today’s sales forces are incorporating the practices of insight selling—learning about prospects, their particular issues, and how products and services will benefit them.

A question any salesperson can ask is: What sustainable value will my product bring to my prospect? The answer to that question should be fairly detailed for each prospect. The more ways a product benefits a client, the more sustainable value it has. You will find that demonstrating long-term sustainable value during your sales process may be the primary selling point of your product or service.

In B2B sales, your product or service must demonstrate sustainable value. If you are, for example, selling a software product that greatly benefits its users, those users will be better employees at their companies, the company itself will be better performing, and will, in the end, have a positive impact on the overall economy. The examples of sustainable value are endless.

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