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Qualifying Lead Opportunity Tool
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Qualifying Lead Opportunity Tool

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Increase the chance of a successful close with a free tool to help you effectively qualify any opportunity in your sales process.

Clearly Defining the Opportunity

Defining an opportunity can only be done through communication with the prospect company, as in-depth as possible. It may be possible with the initial person who contacted you in the first place, or gaining a clear opportunity definition may require talking to others within the company who are closer to the issue or issues requiring a solution.

Oftentimes it happens that a particular event has occurred which compelled the company to seek out a solution. For example a database may have finally proven itself too inflexible or unstable, and the company is going to be in serious trouble if that database is not quickly replaced. In such an instance you want to discover some negatives: what are the consequences of not following through on finding and implementing a viable solution? What might be the losses of not taking action?

Once you have researched the above two points, then take a detailed look at how well your product or service fits in. This is the basic key of sales account management, and will be the crux of your sales pitch all the way along the sales cycle.

The Pipeliner Qualifying Lead Opportunity Tool

It’s just common sense: The better an opportunity is qualified, the higher the chances of bringing it in as a closed sale. Qualification activities, performed routinely as part of pipeline management, means plentiful time saved. And time is something you just can’t manufacture.

Navigate the opportunity-qualifying waters with our free Qualifying Lead Opportunity Tool. This clever method walks you through each step in detail. You can use the tool for any sale in your sales process.

Make in-depth opportunity qualification a regular part of your pipeline management—and watch success rates soar!

Download your Opportunity Qualifier for free now.

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