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How to Prepare Your Online Business for the Post-Holidays & New Year’s Slump
Blog / For Sales Pros / Dec 15, 2018 / Posted by Philip Piletic / 5736

How to Prepare Your Online Business for the Post-Holidays & New Year’s Slump


Come January 2, you might notice a huge drop in profits. Smaller businesses in particular have a tendency to suffer losses in the first month of the year because of slow sales. If this sounds like what you’re expecting to happen the day after New Year’s, then start preparing your online business today so you’ll be able to weather the storm in 2019.

Try the Multi-Channel Approach

Currently, many businesses have two or three marketing channels that they rely on to reach their target group. However, there’s nothing stopping you from building a campaign that reaches across a number of different platforms. Consider linking all of your campaigns together. Social networks, PPC and email campaigns should all work together to provide a consistent marketing package that helps promote your brand across every channel.

Creative businesses are now leveraging things like messaging apps and live-streaming so that they can engage their customers in real-time. The multi-channel approach can even make things easier for people who want to buy things from you, since it gives them the freedom to communicate with your brand using whatever channel they prefer.

Consider Sharing Information as an Expert

Numerous people ask important sales questions every single day. Take advantage of slow months to sell your expertise to others who want to learn more about how online sales work. Consider putting together and online marketing course and promoting it to those who already have faith in your brand. From basics like how to start an online business to more advanced techniques and secrets of the trade, you probably know something others don’t. Turn that knowledge into profit.

Harness the Power of Marketing Automation

Countless tools are available to help you leverage automation in order to build ongoing customer journeys. Focus on setting up personalized journeys that are triggered by certain actions so you can stay in touch with your audience. After the holiday shopping season is over, your retail brand may quickly get forgotten by your clientele. In the worst cases, they won’t start thinking of you again until they want to buy gifts next year.

Some B2C companies can see extremely high conversion rates as soon as they leverage automation. Subscription renewal reminders, custom product recommendations and many other automatic messages can help to ensure that your brand stays fresh in the minds of everyone you do business with.

Personalized email campaigns are a great idea if you have enough information on your customers to make them genuinely personalized. Don’t just keep parroting their name. Make sure you actually have something valuable to share with them.

Integrations are offered for everything from Shopify apps to Instagram, so there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to find something that works for your business model.

Sell in Non-traditional Venues

Try transforming your online business into a face-to-face one occasionally. Selling at events is a great way to reach customers that you wouldn’t otherwise ever come into contact with. New apps help to provide a single sales channel so you can accept the same payment methods in person you would online.

Progressive firms that accept cryptocurrencies can take them as payment in person by using these apps as well. Start researching which events will be held in the next few months now. That will give you more time to put together your presentation when you show up in person come January.

Focus on the Wholesale Market

Tailor price lists for wholesale customers if you’re having trouble selling to regular consumers. Global trade is on the rise, so this could very well be a major new revenue stream for your business. If you want to be successful with the wholesale market, then you’re going to need some place to store customer relationship data. Expect to have countless different customers with very different needs.

Invest in a cloud-based wholesale solution so you won’t have to worry about loosing order information. This kind of software can often generate automatic sales reports and perform other analytics as well.

Never Forget About Other Holidays

There are plenty of other holidays right around the corner. Think about promoting Valentine’s Day gifts or focusing on new postmodern celebrations. Social influencers are thinking up reasons to celebrate even during lean months. It’s easy to loose sight of the fact that there’s a marketing opportunity hidden around every corner.

Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be finding new revenue streams that you might not have ever considered in the past.

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