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Influence Your Potential Clients More Effectively
Blog / For Sales Pros / Sep 26, 2020 / Posted by Holly G. Green / 202 

Influence Your Potential Clients More Effectively


Getting Crystal Clear

One of the most important parts of influencing a potential customer is to be very specific and be very crystal clear. Often times, we operate in vagueries and have unspecific or otherwise broad outcomes that we promote. This doesn’t really serve you, or the customer, it only serves to clutter your argument. Saying “we offer great customer service,” or “this is the best product,” is not effective. Instead, tease it apart so that you limit the interpretation of what you’re saying. Instead, try saying “we offer 24/7 customer support from representatives that receive quarterly training, and have a 95% customer service satisfaction rate,” or “this is the best sales enablement tool for sales management and salespeople because of its winning formula that focuses on the pipeline, process, and analytics to increase revenue.”

Sell to Humans

Another vital part of influencing potential clients is to really listen to what they are wanting, and what feels like a win to them. You are selling to humans. You’re selling to many different people, each of whom has their own company outcomes and strategies, as well as their own personal outcomes as people. Instead of doing what we think might be good for the customer, we have to actually explore what our customers want and then sell to them as the individual people that they are.

Using Presumptive Language:

Using presumptive language can also help influence clients. The way that you talk about things can have a huge impact on persuading the customer and setting a certain idea in their mind. For example, instead of saying “if you become our client, we will serve you incredibly well,” say “when we are serving you incredibly well,” and put the idea in their mind that they will be your client and you will follow through with certain promises. This helps the client visualize themselves being your client, and being satisfied.

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