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Improve Sales More Quickly
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Improve Sales More Quickly


Most sales representatives struggle to figure out a better procedure, but there is a way to improve sales more quickly. A traditional approach is, ‘if you don’t know, just ask.’ But the qualifier is the differentiator for success, which is who you ask matters most. Adding to the dilemma is that each company operates differently, so how can one uniformly ask the right question and person to improve sales?

Underlying every connection is the effort to build a professional relationship for a deeper understanding of the other party’s goals, roadblocks, and desires for moving forward. And the thought of improving business brings about an agreement for appointments. It would be highly unusual to meet someone who cares less about improving business. Now the ball is in your court.

Back to you: Typically, the question we sometimes ask ourselves when nothing seems to work out well is, ‘why me?’ The question typically has a negative meaning attached. But we can use ‘Why me?’ in a positive frame of mind to establish a path for connecting well with our prospects. The work begins before the initial appointment, and it is essential to allow enough time to complete the necessary steps.

There is no excuse not to be somewhat familiar with a company and how it operates before an appointment. Upon reading the details about the business, its partners, and how it serves its clientele, contemplate ‘why me?’

Beginning questions to contemplate upfront include:

  • What do I offer that may be of interest?
  • Do the company services pique my interest; if so, why?
  • How will my service potentially differ from what is in place?
  • How can I potentially contribute to the company effort?

Before the appointment, give yourself time to ponder the answers to each question above and more as they arise. Understand that the preliminary answers will not be 100% on target when you meet your new prospective client. So now what? Convert the question and answer for ‘why me?’ into goals for the meeting. Doing so will put you in the driver’s seat to improve sales more easily.

Be the first to begin the appointment conversation by thanking your prospect for their time and hearing their response. Next, let the people you meet know that you took the time upfront to research their company and are more curious as to why they are taking the time to meet with you. Allow them time to complete their answers, as often the reply becomes your guide for selling well.

Caution: Know that every individual is unique and the same applies to every company. Accordingly, answers may differ vastly among your prospective clientele. The variances give more reason to do your due diligence upfront to realize the appropriate questions to ask of each.

Similarly, you are unique, and standing out from the crowd is essential. You are establishing your personal brand plus branding for the company you represent. You want people to talk about you favorably. The ultimate goal is to convert your clientele into your private salesforce by raking in glowing testimonials and referrals.

One additional strategy that is easy, and can be fun, is to share stories as a spontaneous thought applies to what the other person is saying. In the moment, let them know they reminded you of an incident to share a quick anecdote. Encourage the other party to share their stories, too. It is the relaxed nature of a business conversation that will encourage further insights and engagement. As prospective clients experience your effort to put work in upfront and then inquire about how they prefer to work, they will most likely put you on the good ‘wanted list’ for desirable vendors with whom to do business.

What your prospect sees for the answer ‘why me?’:

  • You put in the effort upfront to do your research.
  • You are curious and inquiring to learn the facts.
  • You are engaging via story-sharing
  • You desire to know how they prefer doing business instead of hammering them to conduct business.
  • You stand out among the crowded playing field.

One last differentiator to encourage the first sale is to turn the usual upside down. Instead of asking for the sale, you create the desire for the prospect to ask when you are available for them to start conducting business with you.

For many, the suggestions may sound highly unusual. But, if current results are not stellar, there is not much to lose and a lot to gain. You can improve sales more easily upon being willing to test new ideas, revise what needs improvement, and persistently attempt to improve.

Working to the benefit of others encourages a returning and referring clientele, the definition of the Smooth Sale!

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Elinor Stutz broke through barriers long before doing so was popular. First, she proved Women Can Sell. Smooth Sale was created to teach how to earn a returning and referring clientele. Stutz became an International Best-Selling Author, a Top 1% Influencer, and Sales Guru and Inspirational Speaker.

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