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How to Manage Stress to Focus On Business Growth
Blog / For Sales Pros / Apr 20, 2024 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 33

How to Manage Stress to Focus On Business Growth


Being in business can make us feel like every day is a roller coaster. Worse, our most challenging tasks can trigger anxiety, especially when we believe we lack the natural talent or the necessary skills to address them. From there, negative comments may make you feel like it’s time to jump off or quit upon hearing from others, ‘It’s time to give up; you will never make it!’

A good habit to embrace is smiling when you hear undesirable commentary and viewing it as a motivational speech to do better. While you may have hurdles on your path to success, they are by no means showstoppers unless you allow them.

Each day presents us with new challenges, opportunities for personal growth, and empowerment. Our goal is to manage stress so that we may focus on business growth.

A Positive Mindset Will Get You to Goal and Beyond

Live Life Without Regret.

We only have one life to live. Imagine how you might feel if you did not give an issue your all to correct it and move on. If you can’t fix a problem, ask a friend for assistance or hire someone to help resolve the issue efficiently.

Executives diary

The Executives Diary Magazine published my story,, and posted it on LinkedIn as I shared my worst and how I dealt with it. My experiences are meant to inspire readers to reconsider their seemingly low points, assure them that they are not alone, and encourage the reconstruction of thinking to reach new heights. Sometimes, walking alone is necessary to motivate our mind, body, and spirit to achieve new heights. Undoubtedly, a positive mindset opens many more doors.

Embrace Your Long-Term Vision Always

Before you sleep at night, make it a habit to recall what you ultimately want to accomplish. Upon awakening, do the same, plus review the goals necessary to complete that day to move a baby step further toward your distant achievement.

Motivational Thoughts to Embrace:

  • We only have one life to live; it’s our duty to live it our way.
  • Realize that statistics are temporary.
  • Tomorrow is a blank canvas; begin painting your future today.

Take A Time-Out for Yourself

Long ago, I was taught that a computer must be rebooted when it isn’t operating correctly, and it’s wise today to do the same for ourselves. Accordingly, when anxiety on any level hits, and depending upon the weather, make time to enjoy the outdoors with a run, hike, walk, or bike ride, allowing your mind to wander. In the wintertime, go to the gym to strengthen your muscles, body, and mind; even better, find time to do so all year!

All the while, allow free-flowing thought that suddenly appears to be your magic wand, bringing new ideas to mind. Give each one due consideration to begin with the recurring one while advancing to testing, revision, and testing again to ensure it works well and complements the other strategies already in place. Creative projects and embracing memorable songs can open our minds to previously missed ideas.

The lyric titles that speak to me are:

‘Listen to the Music,’ by the Doobie Brothers

‘The Answer is Blowing In the Wind,’ by Cat Stevens.

Focus On the Worst to Realize the Best

Most of us ‘have been there,’ from annoyances to seeming catastrophes. Reflecting on how far we have come is always good when we have troublesome days, particularly when the next disaster hits. Use it to give yourself a pep talk to move past the dilemma and return to what matters most.

In Conclusion: Overcome Anxiety for Better Outcomes

Finally, we only have one life to live. Acknowledging this fact leads to realizing that we must live without regret. When we commit to fixing small or significant issues, we can look back and realize how far we have come. Finally, embrace the community spirit by sharing the best of what you learn, feel the joy for all you have accomplished and shared in your lifetime, and live life to its fullest!

Sales Tips: Overcome Anxiety for Better Outcomes

1. Know the needs and desires of your audience, including your next new employer, in detail.
2. Mastering the art of branding yourself with impactis not just a marketing tool; it’s a strategic move that can significantly boost your business growth.
3. Reconcile with the fact that everyone hits a snag that needs fixing and that you are not alone but in good company.
4. As issues hit, attend to them, or ask for help immediately to avoid wasting valuable time.
5. Upon realizing extensive research or training is necessary, keep your eye on the outcome and how you may benefit.
6. Exercise or do creative projects in your spare time to allow your thoughts to flow and innovative ideas to develop.
7. Every evening and each morning, remind yourself of your long-term goal and realize how far you have come.
8. Commit to attending to one task daily that coincides with your long-term vision.
9. Accept new ideas and collaborative offers to select the ones that work well for you.
10. Celebrate Success.

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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