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How Sales Skills Can Help Grow Your Audible Business
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How Sales Skills Can Help Grow Your Audible Business


Sales skills are crucial in any business. It enables a company to attract customers, increase revenue, expand into new markets, and build a loyal client base. Every outstanding salesperson is a company’s asset and an indispensable one.

With the rise of e-commerce, the shift to the online platform from brick-and-mortar stores has transformed selling styles. Today, aside from physical products, you can sell your story and creativity through online platforms like Audible.

What Is Audible?

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast platform founded in 1995. Initially, it provided digital audiobooks, but later had massive success with its partnership with Apple.

In 2008 it was acquired by Amazon and is now the leading platform for storytelling, podcasts, and other literary forms. Publishers, authors, and narrators can make a lot of money on Audible. Authors and publishers can earn royalties as much as 40% on audiobook sales. There are a lot of job opportunities for narrators with excellent vocal skills.

Aside from that, anyone participating in their affiliate program can earn a bounty of at least USD$5 for every eligible member who signs up through a referral link.

If you’re a writer who dreams of making it big, publishing Audible books can help you. But you must know how to do it right to avoid getting into online scams that can ruin your name.

And if you want to kickstart your enterprise to the right path, acquiring knowledge from experts like Roland Frasier, who had massive success on this platform, would be best. But first, you must do your research and read Roland Frasier reviews to know what you’re getting into.

Once you’re on Audible, marketing your products should be your next task. You need to have excellent sales skills to be able to grow. As mentioned, sales skills are critical in any business, and Audible can help you in many ways. This includes the following:

1. Build Relationships With Customers

The customer relationship is vital in any business, more so in Audible. Because it’s an online platform, it’s crucial to have a feel for what they like, and you can do this through analytics.

In Audible, you must respond to reviews promptly to build great customer relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a great review—a good or bad review can be a learning experience.

You must also be able to offer personalized recommendations based on your customer’s listening history. Doing this will increase their engagement and satisfaction with your products. Another style many salespersons on Audible use is creating exclusive content for members.

Exclusive content, such as bonus chapters or author interviews, makes customers feel special and valued. Furthermore, the exclusivity makes them feel a part of a tight-knit community. Regular communication with them through e-mail updates and newsletters can help keep them informed of new releases so they have something to look forward to.

2. Identify New Opportunities

New opportunities can help you expand and grow your business. Using Audible allows you to explore untapped markets and even get out of your comfort zone by expanding your collection by offering foreign-language audiobooks. This way, you can attract customers who prefer to listen in their native language.

As an effective salesperson, you must monitor your competition to stay current on industry trends and demands. This also helps you differentiate yourself from them. Look at their products, pricing, and marketing strategies. The idea is not to copy but to set yourself apart by offering something more unique and attractive.

You can also collaborate with other authors or publishers to reach new audiences. In addition, you may participate in forums and discussion groups to gain valuable customer insights.

3. Demonstrate A Product Excellently

Demonstrating a physical product is straightforward. This includes powerful narration, incorporating sound effects and relatable music on Audible. This gives a more immersive and engaging listening experience that would compel listeners to sign up or buy new products.

Highlighting the product’s benefits and how it can solve their problems, improve their lives and provide value can convince many people to avail of their products. Furthermore, adding customer testimonials can give proof and build trust with potential customers.

4. Make Effective Suggestions

Understanding your audience is critical to Audible. You must know their specific needs and interests. You must analyze your data, such as listening habits, preferences, and reviews, to make more informed recommendations.

Audible has an integrated machine-learning algorithm to provide personalized suggestions based on a customer’s listening history. Use this to make practical recommendations to your listeners.

You can segment your audience based on demographics, listening habits, and preferences. This helps you make more targeted suggestions and offer attractive promotions to your customers. The list can also help you create effective e-mail marketing campaigns.

5. Create A Persuasive Message

A salesperson who can effectively highlight the product’s benefits, emphasize the convenience of listening on the go, and showcase the quality of the platform’s user experience can convince many people to sign up and become a member.

You can ask a provocative question or an attention-grabbing statement to hook your listeners. You can also incorporate great storytelling techniques and get an excellent voice actor. Remember to include a compelling call-to-action to convert your message to sales.

The art of persuasion is innate in a great salesperson. But if you need help with this, learning from the experts is recommended.

6. Close More Deals

Customers choose to finish a transaction if it comes with a tempting offer. On Audible, many listeners are convinced to complete a transaction with a discount or a special offer like a bonus mini magazine. You can also give them a personalized discount on their next purchase.


Sales skills are vital in Audible. By developing and honing your sales skills and utilizing various tools, growing your business and increasing profit will naturally follow. Take the time to invest in this through mentorship and training and see your Audible sales thrive and wow you.

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